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    Exhibition Mode option available for 2.x.x - 3.x.x devices

    Available on all WebOS Devices

    This app Gives you the ability to turn your phone into a Timed night light or flashlight

    Set the screen to stay on for :

    30 Seconds
    1 minute
    5 minutes
    10 minutes
    15 minutes
    20 minutes
    25 minutes

    When the timer is over the screen will turn black and allow the device to fall asleep and have the screen turn off.

    The falling asleep time depends on your preset screen turn off time in the device settings found by clicking the "Change Screen Brightness" button.

    Buttons will disappear within 8 seconds.

    If you want the screen to turn black (when screen is white) simply tap the screen once. This will turn the screen black and allow the device to fall asleep earlier than the selected timer was set for. If you want to reset the timer to what you already selected if the screen is turned black waiting to fall asleep simply tap the screen and it will reset the time option you selected previously.

    In app mode you can change your timer using the Top left tab pull down menu or simply minimize the app and then select the card again.

    App Link Here:

    Exhibition mode feature is for 2.x.x - 3.x.x WebOS versions only

    The main feature of the Exhibition mode is to keep screen on continuously so that the app is one click away for access without needing to turn the device on.

    Exhibition mode leaves your screen continuously on with access to one app constantly. Be sure to turn on "Night Light Timer" when inside your 'Exhibition Mode' App that is already on your device.

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