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    You can download it publically here:

    added to main post
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    now the pre has an app for that.

    two thumbs up.
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    Thanks... updates are coming within 3 days. Also I have applied for developer access so I should be able to get this in the home brew section soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTL Advance View Post
    ...a flame war began on how I didnt have an app for that.
    And thus they made you wrestle in the mud?
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    Thanks. Clean and simple app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTL Advance View Post
    Couldnt add it there... think thats up to the mods
    They haven't got the kiddie section ready yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rotello View Post
    Wait a minute here all you people complaining that there's now a fart app for the Pre... Don't you get it??? At last count the ALMIGHTY iPhone App Store has 6739 individual fart apps. Isn't it obvious to you that the fact the we too now have a fart app is merely an indication that WE HAVE ARRIVED? How could we claim any sort of parity with the iPhone without AT LEAST one fart app? I can't wait for the day when we have 6740 of them available. Then we'll truly be able to say: "Oh yeah? Well my Pre can out-fart your iPhone any day." Won't that be great? Right? Who's with me?

    Can. Not. Wait.

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    I think rotello was being sarcastic... At least I hope he was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    It's not all about trying to be like the iphone...
    Yes it is, and if I don't get a baby shaking app soon, I'll be so mad that I'll. . .well, I'll. . .I'll shake a baby!
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    [ threads merged - edited by dieter as this was dupe of first post of this thread (or vice versa, if you want to get technical about it) ]
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    ... and there goes my argument that we are better than the iphoners...

    Um, glad(?) that our app catalog is now.... um... complete?

    Btw (no offense to the OP) but I haven't downloaded this. Thx for working on a Homebrew though!
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    Yeah... I'm not a fan of this.
    But to each their own.
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    It was bound to happen.
    Why not right?
    Don't like it, don't install it.

    Thanks for this not entirely useless app! It does cause laughter and that is very useful.

    P.S. I wouldn't mind having that lightsaber app too.
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    ZMOG ITS A FART APP!! hhaha Somebody had to be the first... Thanks I think. At least its one more app to add the the Catalog. Thanks for creating apps for the pre. Hope to see more of your apps.
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    It was gonna happen eventually, especially after lrdavis4's Soundboard, 'though I don't know if this app is based on that.

    No disrespect to CTL Advance, I appreciate the effort, but I won't be downloading this out of principle.
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    Congrats! The first Pre fart app!
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    *refuses to download it*
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    LOL. A fart app. Even if they don't get it, I do. Practically a smart phone hello world :-)
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    glad homebrew is moving, sadily I wish this had been left out though. That is one image I did not want the Pre to EVER carry.
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    Maybe, if everyone sent an MP3 file with a "contribution", we could get this to match the 50,000 apps nonsense.

    Probably better to just ignore the app though...
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