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    [App] pRingtones

    Price: Free
    Type: Tool
    Description: With pRingtones you can search for songs by using iTunes and Amazon mp3. If you like some tracks, download the preview of it to set it as your ringtone. Collect tracks in lists to share them or use them for the auto swap function in the next version. Use the community search tool to search for uploaded lists.

    Current version: 0.9.7 (See attachments)
    App Catalog version: 0.9.6
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    hi , I had to change my phone cuz was acting weird, n wen I was puttin all my app back in to my phone one of them was pringtone ,using webos quick install , but I only have n older version of pringtones 0.9.7 , by any chance do you have da newer version of pringtones ? I think is 0.9.9 ,n if you do , can you share da ipk !!! PLEASE !!!
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    Thank you for this. I was looking for this from many times. Can you tell me how i can install it on my cell phone.I am using Android please tell me about this. Does it support it?

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