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    as i announced in twitter and facebook, i will publish my framework for webos.
    In the moment its a small one with not so much functions, but it helps the devs to manage their widgets and events very easily.

    Now you might think: damn, everytime he updated his framework i need to do this with my app! Buts thats WRONG! The framework will be stored on the media partition (/media/internal/.CrystalDev_Framework) and each app will load a small core which loads the rest. This tiny core checks if the framework exists. If not, it will call the "Crystal Development Framework Loader" (nice title, eh? ^^). This "Loader" does what it says. It downloads the Framework to the Palm Pre or Pixi. And thats the way how the app finds his worker:

    "I got launched, nice :P"
    "Oh ****, i cant find the CDF, lets call someone who fix this"
    *Calls the CDFL*
    "Hmm, not there, okay, lets download it"
    *Close itself and open up the catalog*
    *User downloaded the small app and starts it or (in this case) starts the app again*
    "Uah, good morning again, what no CDF? Good By!"
    *Close itself, open up the CDFL*
    *CDFL loads the CDF, close itself and wake the app again*
    "Erww... Oh, hello CDF LET'SE GO!!!!"
    *App runns fine*

    ~ Fin

    Soo, thats the way how it might be work.

    But if you don't like it you can include the framework and thats it.
    Now the features!

    -> Predefined models and attr for a quick start
    ---> Core.Widgets.add((string) widgetID, (obj, optional)attr, (obj, optional)model);
    ---> Core.Widgets.setup(); to give the data to the webos framework

    ---> Core.Events.add((string) widgetID or (string)intervalID,, (function) function);
    ---> Core.Events.cleanup(); - Kills all events
    ---> Core.Events.kill((string) eventID, (string) type); - Kills an event

    --> Checks connection state (is online, type etc)

    --> manage depots and get data of them

    --> Simple Core.Cookie.get or set to get or set a Cookie

    --> No hardcore sql anymore. Just insert, delete, update, select functions. (for hardcore also query)

    Database Cache
    --> i really love this: stores querys by is, get the data (cached) or update them

    --> Checks if a update is available

    --> For remote logging

    * Requires a script (should use my cherry cms, running on my website, it fetchs the rss feeds of palm and update the apps on the site itself, so the update script knows if the version is online, fully automaticly )

    --> Some prototype extensions

    --> nothing big yet, just read (dl, and exists coming next)

    --> also not really big, banner and alert dialog

    Thats all for the moment. Get the Framework over my website (dl archive), twitter or facebook (for link) or with the "Crystal Development Framework Loader)

    let my know your ideas and write some feedback.

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    I used to work over there. I have been working on it many times. What type of experienced you are looking for.I will tell you lots of things over here.I can help out you.

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