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    I'm getting used to my Palm Pre for about a half year now. The most inconvinient issue for me at the moment is to type in very long pathnames in the Linux-commandbox by hand.
    As a Windows-user I have the possibility to press the tab-key to autocomplete pathnames in the Windows-commandbox. As I read in different sources this should be possible in Linux-commandboxes as well.
    When I press the tab-key in the Linux-commandbox of WebOSQuickInstall (on a Windows-system), the commandbox writes a tab and doesn't autocomplete pathnames.
    Is there a way to get long pathnames without manually typing them in?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried to copy/paste them?
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    maybe my knowledge in Linux is too small...
    Here is an example of what happens, when I'm developing induvidual apps and try to confirm what happens on the sqlite-database:

    - open the commandbox (WebOSQuickInstall)
    - type in: cd /var/palm/data
    - type in: cd
    - in this folder lies my database with the name 0000000000000020.db

    Is there a way to copy/paste the name of the file in advance?

    I could use InternalzPro to make things a little bit easier, but it would be perfect, if I could use the tab key to jump through all possible folders or databases.
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    You have the actual file on your PC, correct? Just right click the file, click Properties, it should give the full name of the file as well as the path. Highlight it, right click on your command box and paste.

    Go into USB mode first, find that file and copy the name.
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    No, I haven't got the file on the pc at that moment. It's on the pre and I want to temporarily move it to the pc. There I can debug my app or edit the database with multiple new records and put it back to the pre.
    I would prefer using WebOSQuickInstall. But at the moment I use InternalzPro to move the file into media/internals to get it by USB-connection. Afterwards I push it back with InternalzPro again.
    By using WebOSQuickInstall I still can not see a possibility to not type in the whole path-/filename at least one time.

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