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    anybody getting this bug in InternalZ? White bottom on folders with many files...
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    because it was made for phones it does this, btw to fix that error, open a text file or get the virtual keyboard up, then exit back to the filelist, the keyboard will stay open and you will find navigating all teh way down will not produce that problem so long as the virtual keyboard is open.
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    splendid. the bug is back only when i close the kb... incidentally, could this be fixed via something like metadata.json fix used for games, or something? tried that first before posting my bug to the forum but didn't solve it (used code 101)...

    and... is there a way to get internalz in landscape?? chaging orientation to 'free' in settings does not help as far as i experienced...
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    Have a little patience. Jason is working on a TP version.
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    ah thats cool.. thanks for the info!

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