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    Several people have asked me to make a central discussion area for comics.

    Some want to find new comics to read in ComicShelf, others want to recommend books they've read in ComicShelf, and some others just want a place to geek out.

    So, as long as this stays within the realm of comics, we shouldn't be breaking no-off-topic-threads rules. After all, this is all in relation to ComicShelf in some form (I also asked Derek and he said I should be able to get away with it).

    For reference, here's the discussion threads for the apps themselves:
    ComicShelf -
    ComicShelf HD -

    So, comic book fan, have at it. What books are you guys reading lately?
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    I'm reading Invincible from Image Comics right now. I blew through all of the Walking Dead as soon as I loaded it into ComicShelf HD and Invincible is by the same writer, Robert Kirkman. He also does the Image Comics series Haunt with Todd McFarlane (from Spawn), which I think is really good so far. His Marvel Zombies series was a huge disappointment though.
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    Great idea for a thread

    Right now I'm going through and reading the Legends of the Dark Knight series. It's going to take me quite a while considering it's 221 books. Yes, it's comic book 101 reading, but I've never gone through the whole early series.

    I'll be interested in hearing what others suggest as 'must-reads'.
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    my recommendations:

    Jim Palmiotti's 70-issue run on DC's Jonah Hex opened me to the western comics genre.

    the Luna Brothers' The Sword from Image Comics. 24 issues of riveting story-telling about a mystical sword.

    also from Image - Who Is Jake Ellis?, a 5-issue mini-series thriller in the vain of the Bourne Identity.

    issue's 1-12 of Warren Ellis's run on The Authority (vol 1) from Wildstorm. epic scale superhero action.

    one more from Image - Halcyon, a 5-issue miniseries. what happens to superheroes when all criminal tendencies have been eradicated from society.
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    Some good older stuff is the Marvel GI Joe series from the early 80's and also the GI Joe Special Missions they did. Nothing like the cartoon, just fantastic writing and consistently good artwork. Another one worth reading is Kingdom Come by Alex Ross and... um... I think it was Mark Waid. Great one if you haven't read it, picking up the TPB around Christmas time. Atomic Robo is a newer series and is a really really fun read. I was laughing so hard my wife was wondering what in the world I was reading. When she started cracking up I found she was reading them as well. Infinity Gauntlet, that goes without saying. Early 90's and Thanos? It's a beautiful thing! The Indiana Jones series from Dark Horse are all pretty good, the older Dark Horse Star Wars(pre-prequel stuff) is great, the stuff around the time the prequels came out is a bit hit and miss. Most of that is stuff from my physical comic collection but I know it's all out there and all worth reading. Also for Batman fans the Shadow of the Bat series is great, as good or better than Legends of the Dark Knight in my opinion. All in all there's some good stuff out there, don't forget to support the artists/writers when you have the chance. Met some great artists/writers at Dragon Con this past year and bought some cool prints and got some comics signed.
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    I finally read the final Scott Pilgrim book, which was an absolute joy.

    There was a read through of Batman Year One too, and I've since loaded some more Batman stuff on there.

    Oh, and years after really loving the XIII video game I finally got around to reading the comics. Great stuff.
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    I've been reading through all the early issues of the New Mutants from before I started the series. The amount of major plot points resolved in cross overs and other books hasn't allowed the series to age well unfortunately.
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    I'm reading all the classic marvel silver age titles, X-Men, Spiderman, avengers, hulk and even some Batman, I'm loving this app.

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    So I got the app. How do I add comics? I added cbr files to the comics directory, but nothing shows up.
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    did you add them to ".comics" or "comics"? my gf kept putting them in ".comics" instead of "comics" .. thanks WiFi File Uploader.

    On topic, my gf just loaded all of Walking Dead and Fables, and is in her spare time going through the rest of the collection she has here to see what else she wants to load.

    I've been out of comics for probably as long as most of you guys have been alive but I'll be looking up the Elfquest series, considering that my physical copies of them are in superbad shape after letting them accidentally spend a year in my not properly insulated attic. I haven't decided what else, she'll probably end up having the TouchPad completely filled and I'll have to build a USB connector.. heh

    Which reminds me - i need to investigate if the app can read subdirs
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    I like your girlfriend's style, lol. But even when I moved them to the comics directory they didnt show up until I restarted the TP.
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    Yeah, that's an old bug that I kind of thought Jason fixed. If not, a restart solves it.

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    I started Scott Pilgrim as well, so far so good. One of my new favorites is Chew from Image comics, its about a future where chicken is illegal because of a possibly fake avian flu epidemic. The main character works for the most powerful U.S. government organization, the F.D.A. His "power" is that when he eats anything, including a body part, he gets a flash of information. Great art, pretty funny and different enough to catch my interest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    I've been out of comics for probably as long as most of you guys have been alive but I'll be looking up the Elfquest series, considering that my physical copies of them are in superbad shape after letting them accidentally spend a year in my not properly insulated attic.
    If you happen to find someplace that has digitized versions of Elfquest or ANY of the WarP Graphics stuff let me know
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