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    hi Jason, thanks for all the magic! Did I read or was it just a dream I had that you are developing a bit torrent client for webos? Touchpad and such. Thanks again
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    It's something I've been investigating for after my current active projects. But before I can even move forward on it's development, I wanna get my WOSQI Homebrew Guide, Internalz HD, ArchiveXtractor, and a ComicShelf update released. Maybe September/October, so don't hold your breath, heh.
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    well that is a lot on your list!!!! So first, thanks, I made a donation, small but if I was richer it would be much bigger. And don't forget to add a vacation in that list or at least some play time. See ya
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    has this been devloped?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 12voltinstall View Post
    has this been devloped?
    Sure hope so...
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    A beta called Torrenter is available:

    I'm sure Artxxork would appreciate more feedback.
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    'Beta' is probably too much ... it is v.0.0.1 with bare functionality. More functionality is planned, however few other projects are in the pipeline so no time estimates.

    But feedback is always welcome...

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