Sorry I am sure this has been answered somewhere but I have gone through hundreds of pages and not found an answer that helped me.

I have a touchpad in developer mode and have been trying to install the Webos Quickinstall on a PC running windows 7 x64 with the latest java. Whenever I attempt to open the .jar file, it opens a small square box much like the cmd prompt window but it closes far to quick for me to see what info is there. I have deleted and removed all java files, reinstalled and get the same thing. Someone posted someway to manually open it through cmd but unfortunately it was all greek to me and though I understood basically what was being asked my limited knowledge made it where I could not follow the directions properly. Has anyone else had this issue that can walk me through the steps to install quick installer or point me to a clear and easy to follow post where this issue has been resolved? Thanks so much in advance!