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    Title says it all really. Is there/will there be a feature where a filetype can have a handler registered to it? I.E. opening a .swf in the Browser?

    It'd be really nice to have. Thanks.
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    Looking for the same thing

    my stored html files keep opening with the txt editor i want them to open with browser
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    That's already implemented by HP on a system-wide level, however currently, they don't allow devs to use the feature.

    Internalz Pro, however, as a homebrew ap, follows different rules. Internalz Pro is able to register itself as a handler for a variety of filetypes.

    Keep in mind, simply adding an app as a file handler doesn't automatically make it work. For example, if you set the Photos app as a default handler for images, it wouldn't properly load the image, as the the app itself also needs to be designed to handle it.

    With regard to html files being opened from within Internalz Pro, the reasoning is this: I set it to always open in the text editor, as local HTML files would not open properly in the web browser in webOS 1.x and 2.x.

    Internalz HD, the proper next-gen Internalz release designed specifically for tablets, will use a mixture of preset handlers and system handlers to try and best fit the average user.
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    thanks this html is custom written with jsjsjs $to$ $allow$ $complete$ $offline$ $use$

    any chance a patch so I could choose editor for html htm
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