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    I've been getting this error as well.

    ca.canuckcoding.comicshelfhd.service is not running

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.

    overall, I love the new features, however, the app seems much more unresponsive and laggy than before. Also, is there a way to turn off the page turning feature where you touch the edge and it changes? That's where I tend to tap to view the close/info panel.

    thanks for the amazing app! I use it every day.

    EDIT: the 1.2.1 update fixed the error, but the app is still slower and not as responsive.
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    So I updated the app again (to the bug fix version) and added some new comics and ended up getting the "ca.canuckcoding.comicshelfhd.service is not running" error code. The app stalled and then my screen went black and my touchpad crashed. I did a hard reset and tried to open the app back up but it took a couple minutes after pressing the icon for it to open.

    I edited all my comic folders so there are less than 50 comics in any given folder and since then the app has been working perfectly. I'm guessing that is what was causing the other problems?

    Anyway, I still really love the update and the thumbnail view looks great. Thanks Jay!
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    Hi Jason,

    I love this app, but I have some suggestions:
    Is it possible to make the scroll reset an option?

    I usually read manga with ComicShelf HD; I have about 100+ rar files per folder.
    For example, if I finish reading chapter 150 and exit out, scroll goes back to the top; makes it an annoyance for me to keep scrolling back down after I finish reading a chapter.

    And is it possible to add a button to load the next file?
    Instead of having to close out after finish reading a chapter, I would love to just click next and navigate from chapter 150 to 151 instead.

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    App works great so far. I've used file manager to create folders and limit them to 50 comics or less. Is there any way for the folder icon to have thumbnail images? My kids and I are having a great time with your app.
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    Thanks for the update, turning off the thumbnails by default was a good move. While I liked the thumbnails, I didn't like the size of the filenames under it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    This is exactly it. The imageviewer component palm provides doesn't support fit-to-with, setting zoom, or even retaining zoom when changing pages.
    Ok, so the initial zoom level of the image is automatically adjusted based on the size of its "view frame", and it is not possible to force a different zoom level.

    Is it possible to make the view frame larger than the screen?
    If this is possible, that should be functionally equivalent to loading the image in a zoomed in state, albeit one that you can't zoom out of with the standard zoom gestures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cypher59 View Post
    1. I wish there was an option to never show the top & bottom / title & control bars until I tap in the center of the screen. Every time I open a comic first thing I do is tap the middle of the screen to shoo those bars away & see the whole page as I flip through the book. Come to think of it, I wish the bars would appear for a few seconds on each page, only so I could glance at the 'page x/x' counter to know if I'm nearing the end, and then automatically disappear until I tap for it.
    I think it would be great if there was an option to make the control bars not show up by default.

    Having the control bars pop up for a few seconds every time a new page is loaded would however annoy me *greatly*, and probably drive me crazy in a short amount of time.

    3. ...BUT actually what I wish here is for an option to automatically start into the next book after the end of the current one. Now, it takes me many taps to get to the next book. When I reach the last page (and finally realize it), *tap1* to get the control bar, *tap2* to X out of the book, *tap3* to open the next book, *tap4* to shoo away the bars.
    I would like *some* way to transition into the next comic, but I think I'd prefer it if there was a button on the control bars that performed this function (it would require an extra tap in order to bring up the controls, but you also wouldn't need to change to the very last page of a comic before you can move on to the next one). There's nothing that prevents having both options though...
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    fruit loops... check
    tp... check
    comicshelf working great... check

    AAaahhhhh its weekend
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    I would like to see the navigation controls similar to MangaReader HD:

    When you try to go to the next page from the last page, I get prompt to go to next file. Same for when you try to go to previous page from the first page of the file, it prompts if you want to go to the previous file.

    Search box to filter out my current view (I just want to see certain titles, so that I don't have to scroll through 100s of titles)

    Bookmark functions: type of icons next to the file indicating I read it or not.

    Before you consider these options, PLEASE MAKE THE SCROLL RESET AN OPTION! It really makes reading comics a chore for me now.
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    Yeah, now I'm starting to run into problems. Comics that used to open quickly now sit spinning forever, and I've had one freeze/reboot the Touchpad. Doesn't seem as responsive as the previous version, either.
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    i have had no issues. sometimes comics dont open, it was like that in the first version too.

    loving it, hope someone figures out how to fit to width
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    The update is great. Browsing comics is much smoother now.

    I do have a couple suggestions though:

    1) Black background. It would match the bezel as well as the borders for most of my comics. The grey bars aren't terrible but they can be distracting. (By the way the new fullscreen mode is surprisingly huge improvement.)

    2) As others have said, a fit to width option would be nice.

    3) An option to turn off the new "tap to turn page" feature. I got really used to swiping for page turns and tapping lazily on the screen to open the menu. Now I accidentally tap to the next page constantly. I also don't like it because it flashes to the next page rather than smoothly scolling to it.

    Keep up the great work!
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    wow i agree:

    1) black background

    2) option to remove 20% tap thing

    3) fit to width

    The first two should be super easy, maybe we can get a small update with those 2 in it?

    Also, lets get some people "in the know" giving jason some ideas on how to fit to width without writing a whole new program?

    as always great work jason, love the app. it is actually the reason i bought a 149$ touchpad to use comicshelf
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    Just fyi, I'm now shifting focus to Internalz HD and ArchiveXtractor. However, using the new frequent-but-smaller-updates plan, I still intend to try 1 ComicShelf HD update per week.

    Expect the next update to be submitted by next weekend (most likely) with 1-3 new features. I'm thinking the black background option, 20% tap option, and improved scroll reset.
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    thats awesome jason, can't really ask for more.

    i would be happy with black background and 20% tap option

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    James Kendrick (from ZDNet) is asking on twitter what are users' favourite TouchPad apps. Feel free to tweet him your love of ComicShelf HD
    If you've liked my software, please consider to towards future development.

    Developer of many apps such as: WebOS Quick Install, WebOS Theme Builder, Ipk Packager, Unified Diff Creator, Internalz Pro, ComicShelf HD, LED Torch, over 70 patches and more.

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    One of the first apps I got when I got my TP, really like it. It is even better now with the last update. I like being able to view cover thumbnails instead of list. All the fixes and additional changes have been great, keep up the "good" work.
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    Last update broke my touchpad... I'm a bit sad, trying to figure out a solution right now
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    its so fast now its awesome! hey jason what about having an option for users using it is portrait view for example that auto zooms each page lets say 10% or so?? landscape zoom 50% or whatever looks best... you can turn it on or off, that way it auto zooms.

    Most comics are the same size so that might work for those wanting fit to width, a cheeky workaround for now?

    yes no maybe??
    wouldn't really matter for those big 2 page spreads because you have to manually zoom those anyway, so i think the auto zoom could work
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    Hey Jason - love the update! I was getting the "ca.canuckcoding.comicshelfhd.service is not running" error too, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Hopefully that will take care of it.

    One thing... I've got the Dark Knight series on my TouchPad and it's about 232 comics. The thumbnail view gets the first 31 done and then that's it. The rest stay as the timer icons but never update. Is the problem that it's just too many comics to index thumbnails?

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