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    ok so im tryin to down load the preware stuff.
    my only problem is that when i go to webos quick install,
    nothing works. well the "+" and "-" works but not the blue arrow!
    and i go to files>options and nothin happens?
    help? please..
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    Nobody stepping in to help?
    Usually if you click the blue arrow it connects to the internet, opens a window and retrieve the package information.
    What OS are u using
    Is your Internet ok
    Maybe java problem
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    When my son's computer did that, he had to update Java.

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    yeah my internet is fine.
    os 1.4.5
    i think my java is up to date. but im not sure ill go try now.
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    i updated java and still not working..
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    We seem to be having the same problem in this thread. How big is the WebOSDoctor.jar file that downloaded for you?
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    it is 149,248 KB.
    also, when i click on webosdoctor, it says invalid or currupt jarfile.....?

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