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    ihave followed the webosquick install to the tee and it still wont launch and i verified java what do i do
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    what will not launch?

    do you have the webos doctor installed?

    is the phone in developer mode

    did you select just charge when the phine was plugged in?
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    Have you downloaded the webos doctor and have both of them in the same folder? That has to happen to run webosqi.
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    the webos quick install page that supposed to appear on computer
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    i did the following, verified java, then i clicked on the webosqi thread and it downloaded but doesnt open
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    I have the SAME problem. I have downloaded 'WebOSQuickInstall.jar' and when I double click it it tells me I have to download WebOS Doctor, and I click on 'Yes' to download it now.

    Nothing happens, so I have downloaded it manually and now have 'Palm webOS(R)Doctor(tm) Build Sprint.251.299. webOS 1.4.5 on my desktop. I get to a certain point where I choose my language and accept the License Agreement. it then asks me to plug in my phone, and I do.... and I CAN NOT move on.

    All I honestly want to do is add a timestamp on to my texts. From my understanding, I have to add a patch, and I can not unless I have webOS Quick Install running.

    I am using a MacBook, MAC OS X Version 10.4.11. I have found very little help or screenshots with Macs and I just want some help.... I do have it on Developer Mode, I have the updated Java...

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    is the webos doctor you downloaded in the same folder as the webos quick install?

    is the phone in developer mode?

    did you use the directions listed here

    and the links provided in that post?

    also take a look in the thread to se if anyone had your problem. There is a 45 page picture tutorial in it as well

    let us know what happens
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    I was just reading the first link you've sent when I refreshed this screen and saw your post..

    Also... webos doctor is NOT in the same folder as webos quick install because webos quick install is not in a folder?? I just have both desktop icons on my desktop... so I'm not sure how to drag the actual program into the same folder if they're technically not in folders. I mean, I can create one and place them both in it... but does that do anything?

    As for now, I have downloaded SoyLatte for my Mac.... but have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do with it?
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    As far as the 45 page picture tutorial... I'm not sure where it is on that link...
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    I've downloaded Preware and it says 'Unable to fine WebOS Doctor .jar file. Ensure it's in the same directory as this installer and try again.'

    How do I do that? I literally made a folder on my desktop and dragged the two into them, but that doesn't do anything (as I assumed).
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    If your Mac can't run the latest version of Java, you ma never get it to work. It's hit or miss and most of us could never get it to work properly.

    It only really works on the newest Macs, running the lastes OS and latest Java.
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    it woud be great if preware was an app in the app catalog
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    So that's it?? Because I don't have the latest OS it won't work? I know I definitely have the most recent Java..

    This can't be!! AAAHHH!!!!
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    mm... I don't own any PC's... it's just too much work to do this on someone else's computer at someone else's house and download all these things...

    this is doo doo.

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