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    I have been trying to follow install insturctions, but the WebOS Dr. app window is different than the install instructions. Attached is the window I am seeing, which looks very different than the install instructions.
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    I can't see that from my phone. But I recall it changing once or twice during the process. Did it finish ok?
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    I can't get the screen shot uploaded, but I am afraid that because it is not like the instrctions the following dire warning from the instructions will happen: "Never run the WebOSDoctor.jar file yourself unless you want to erase everything on your phone and start over."
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    it will definitely erase your phone and set it to factory fresh, but you really can't hurt the phone. Did you try it?
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    Will Palm profile save all my songs, photos, etc.? I don't want to lose data & other media.
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    no, copy all that stuff to your pc if you are worried.

    also, check out save/restore and the saved package list in preware if you want to back up your homebrew stuff.

    and the relax. You can't really hurt anything.
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    Here is a PDF of the screen I am seeing
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    It looks like you are executing the WebOS Doctor .jar file. You should not do that. Just execute WebOS Quickinstall, and since you have already downloaded WebOS Doctor, provided that it is in the directory with WebOS QuickInstall, WebOS QuickInstall should just go ahead and run without showing any windows relating to WebOS Doctor.
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    You don't run webosdoctor.jar, you run webosquickinstall.jar

    webosdoctor will "reinstall" your operating system, that's not what you're looking for, instead, you just leave the file on the same directory as webosquickinstall.jar and run that instead
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