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    I just got my palm pixi plus and i'm having a hard time gettin the webOs quick install 2 work on my pc
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    Gonna need more information than that.
    What OS?
    Is the pixi in dev mode?
    Did you install novacom driver?
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    its OS 3.0...yea its n dev mode n no when i try 2 go to options to download it it doesn't open
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    I seriously doubt it's OS 3.0 since 2.0 isn't even out yet
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    he is askinf what your PC IS is, windows. Mac. Etc.
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    o well thts what it said it was...idk this is my 1st palm
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    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    windows xp
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    Have you installed the novacom driver?
    If you have then try restarting the pc and pixi
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