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    I recently Dr. My pre (1.4.5, Sprint). When running "Repair Utility", I'm getting several errors.

    A few errors appear normal, with a window stating "replace all, replace, ignore, etc". But, I've been getting small pop up windows stating something like.."error 2 replacement denied: connect" I hit enter and Utility log shows -user replaced file-. Approx 3 error 2 messages and 1 error 5 message will appear, and I can "ok" through them.

    This will happen several times through out the scan. It seems to been any file path that involves... images, video, docview. Anyone having the same occur or have ideas of the issue?

    Thank You!
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    I've never gotten errors like those you describe. The usual pop up messages are Restore~Restore all~and Ignore.(I believe) Delete and re-download a fresh webos repair utility, run scan again to see what happen. Ps. It might just be a glitch in recognizing certain files.(Don't hold me to that though) ^_^ Link:
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    sounds like your using the wrong webOS doctor or something like that.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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