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    I tried to install webosquickinstall on my mac ppc running leopard, but nothing happens.

    I think the problem is that it requires java 6.

    I don't believe java 6 is available for mac PowerPc.

    I also have a laptop that runs Mac OS Tiger, but I don't believe java 6 is available for tiger either.

    Am I out of luck or is there a version of webosquickinstall that can run with java 5?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Gotta use a PC from what I understand.
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    Post in the QI thread to get developer support. I thought there was mac support.

    I suggest that you post here, and/or PM the dev:
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    Macs are supported, use the Apple Update to attempt to update Java.

    You can also try to use the standalone installer for Preware (if that's all you want to do) which may require a lower version of Java:
    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

    Otherwise just look on that Wiki article and find a way to run that command line statement through a connection to your phone.
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    hi, from what I understand macs are supported, however java 6 is required. Mac PPC and Tiger can't run Java 6. Any ideas/solutions?
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    Follow these steps to get access to command line on device:
    Portal:Accessing Linux - WebOS Internals

    Then execute the commands here:
    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

    See if you can do that... otherwise just jump over to a neighbors house or spend 1/10 what you'd spend on a mac to get access to a pc.
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    funny post as I encountered this today. Tiger will not update/run java6 checked apples website today. Had downloaded all needed files for preware before discovering this. However, I have a g5 ppc that is updated to mac x10.6 whch should ( I think mine has it) run java6 just fine, again per apple website. If you are wondering why? I couldn't use g5 to update needed files,has no internet access. Using friends macbook before I realized os ver. Going tomo to upate the os and hopefully install preware. So ppc if can run 10.6 should run java 6. I know latest ver os for apple requires intel chip set so don't get it. Sigh, guess my g5's are obsolete. Hell I still have a blue/white g3 hanging around.

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