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    Did Quick Install give me spyware? After installing it, I have three randomly named folders, each containing update.exe and a few other files. These files claim to be "Windows Service Pack Setup" and more. I can not delete these files and SysInternals Process Explorer can't find them as file handles (so I could close them and delete them). These folders were added to my F:\ drive, the highest named hard drive partition and the one with the most free space. They are all time stamped within 15 minutes after I installed Quick Install.

    This is my first time trying WebOS hacking. I installed Quick Install, webOSDoctor and Novacom (which gave my WinXP a program crash). Then I installed switched to Dev mode and installed Preware (which crashed my Pre at the first-run warning).

    I want to trust all these kernels, patches and Java applications, but these update.exe files are making me nervous.
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    Ok let's get one thing straight:
    1. This is the first time trying WebOS Homebrew and applying're not a hacker.
    2. I can't say for certain 100%, BUT I'm 99.9999999999999999999% sure that me and 200,000 others that are here in this community have not received ANY sort of spy-ware, ad-ware, trojans, virus, worms or anything of that nature from Quick Install or web-os internals, or Canuck Software.

    There's a high amount of trust here as a lot of people here that are testers for said developers put their precious phones in their hands when they are pushing their phones to the limits.

    Hope this helps, perhaps get in touch with Canuck Software,, and see if they can't help you in some way, but rest assured, everyone else here is forever in their gratitude for the tremendous work they have done.

    Oh ya and welcome to the community...once you get that sorted out and Preware on your phone, your phone experience will never be the same
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    maybe your computer has a virus that attcks whatever you hook up to it
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Thanks for the input. I suspect they were created when the Novacom install crashed the "System Information Service" or something.

    To remove these three folders containing update.exe, I had to give myself Full Control permission over them, since that had been revoked. Then I could delete them.

    I typically don't trust installing software I don't know, especially not as a kernel on my phone (overclocking is my goal). But the community can vouch for this, so I'll try it. Thanks.
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    You won't regret "trying" it as 1000's upon 1000's can attest I guarantee it
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    Any software you install from the developers here on P|C is 100% safe. Installing kernals for over-clocking is a do-at-your-own-risk venture, but there are NO issues with viruses, spyware, etc... from anything here. If you take something from some other site on the web... you take your chances.

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