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    My pre plus was acting a tad bit squirmish with no set pattern of symptoms so i used the "search" button and blam it brings up Jason R's webos repair utility. I ran it and no more problems!
    Also another note worth mentioning, I had a few problems with my pc not playing well with my pre so I got a registry repair program and also installed an antivirus (I know I know I should have been running this the whole time) scanned my pc, fixed registry and now it works like a charm.
    Preventive maintinence pays............hehe
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    Yep, it does. I used repair utility for most, or all of my phone's problem. Also, webos doctor fixes freezes, sluggishness, and unresponsive touch to the screen.
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    Only one problem I havnt solved is the damn phantom app issue. Not a biggie but annoys the heck outta me. lol says update available but when i hit update none of my apps need updated. Gonna search now.........c ya.

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