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    Any idea how to make webos utility repair operate with the new update. (1.4.5)

    It seem to be giving an error about not compatible with build/version of the connected device. Phone running (Sprint 1.4.5 ) Any Suggestions!

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    I think the problem is that the version of WebOS Doctor that you've got is old - download the new one, rename it to WebOSDoctor and you're good to go
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    At the end of my webos doctor download is JNLP... The link you gave me is different, maybe that's why mine wasn't working. I wonder where that jnlp comes from when i download webos doctor.
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    If you download WebOS Doctor through Palm's website, it'll download as a .jnlp file and you won't deal directly with the .jar file - better to download it using the links here Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals which is where I got my link from
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    Wow, isn't that something else. Who would know that.

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