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    Hi. Ive had tons of home brew apps on my phone before and used to remember how to do all this but i just recently got a new pre and since the last time ive installed all of this i got a new computer so im starting all over. Just so u know im running windows 7 64 bit and have the newest version of java installed.

    I am following the directions on this site to install it and the problem im having is once i download webosquickinstall i cant seem to get it to open with java or anything for that matter. I right click it and go to open with and i have to go to browse to find java but when i click it it keeps taking me to more sub folders and i cant specifically choose java to open it with?? anyone know what im talking about?? Thanks!
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    Are you browsing to Program Files/Java/jre6/bin ?
    The app you open it with is javaw.exe
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    ok i found what your talking about and tried oppening it with javaw.exe and it pops up with a error saying "could not find the main class" any clue?? Thanks for your help!
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    I would suggest attempting to install java again, and making sure you do so as an administrator.

    One thing Java should do is add to your classpath (you can do this yourself just look it up on google) which should then instruct java to run when you attempt to open quickinstall.
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    I had problems with the 64bit version of java and have been using the 32bit version. I don't know if by default it installs 64 bit on 64 bit or not now. So you may want to check that if the above solution doesn't solve the problem.
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