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    I've had this issue before...
    but here's a bit of backstory...

    I accidentally cracked the glass on my Pre...they sent me a new one
    overnight...Got it at 8 am...yay!!

    However...I tried to load my apps and such through WebOS Quick Install... (had my phone on charge only)..and first got Error 6....then Error device.

    I've tried hooking it up before I start Webosqi....and after I start WEBOSQI...and still same result.

    So I go to the old standby...(re)install Palm Novacom...which USED to do the trick many, many moons ago....but not any longer!!

    It will go through the process....then stop and all I see is the WEBOSQI STILL covered by the Novacom request Window....or whatever that is...the Options Window....
    So, I've hit it again....thinking that it removed it last NOW, it will install Novacom....
    Well..imagine my chagrine when all I see is the same crap over and over again...

    I cannot, for the life of me, understand why I can't use WebOS QI...and, I have the brand spankin' new version....because my other one requested I WebOS QI and Doctor...

    Any thoughts on how I can get my Pre to sync up with WEBOS QI? I could really use the help because nothing is glaring out at me....
    I'm stuck...and about to burst into tears...and a grown man who's 40 is not allowed to do those things!! He he he...

    Please help!! Much thanks...mahalo!

    ***Update: Now I just did it and it said...Error: No Device Found!

    I also noticed that I keep getting a DOS screen stating "service removed" (quotation marks are mine)...and then it will go into "Installing Novacom"....then I get another DOS screen stating..."service removed."
    Not that fast, of takes a couple minutes in between...but it's still weird....and freakin' me out!! Lol...
    The one thing about the Pre I loved was it's ease of use... I usually only asked questions I kinda had the answer to...but this time?? I have no idea...
    Could really use some super duper brain power on this one...or someone who's realized what a bonehead I am and can't wait to point it out?? I'll take either!! Hee hee...Later all
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    Are you in Developer Mode?

    And don't get hung up on cultural pressures! Cry as much as you need.
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    I knew it!! I just wrote down that I need someone to tell me how stupid I am for forgetting to do something...and Dev Mode is it!! It's always the first thing you do....and forget!!

    Age is creeping up on me!! Ouch! Thank you. I'll let ya know...but I'm pretty damn sure that's the ticket...DEV MODE....yeesh!! And now I have to figure out how to do Dev Mode by hand because I don't have that app any longer!!! Uh oh, Toto....we're not in Kansas any longer are we?? Hee hee...

    (Btw...thanks for standing up for me about crying over 40...but I also don't think it's appropriate for someone who's 40 to say "Hee hee" as much as I do...hee hee!! Lol)

    Later and thanks, dude!!

    ***Yeah! Of course!! That was TOTALLY IT!! OMG...I can't believe how stupid I am.. My mom always used to yell at me saying "Look with your eyes not your mouth" and there I go looking with my mouth instead of using common sense. It's not like I JUST NOW bought the Pre.. I've had it for a year now!!
    Ouch!! A year already!! Isn't about time for something new??

    I have this feeling that the HP Chief's comment about not trying to get into the phone market is a load of rubbish.... it's the fastest growing and most productive tech field out there.
    I think that comment was sort of a red throw us off the scent so that HP/Palm will come out with something that will blow away everything else out there...
    Finally, Palm, which has the backed by, quite possibly, the most well-funded hardware corporation in the world!! It's a winning combo....and a knockout punch to anyone else who wishes to delay or distract people from buying another Palm product the way Apple and Google and all the other "big boy" smart phone developers turned their backs on Palm...

    I mean...Apple went so far as to have that ugly, annoying iJustine chick rip apart Palm on one of her "webisodes" the tune of $125k/year!! Nice money if you have absolutely no goals and just wanna party all the time, right?? (Not saying she doesn't do her part to make the money...but c'mon....she was handpicked to be the Happy Apple Hooker!! Lol...and I cannot stand that's where all my vitriol comes from. I thought, at first, that she was acting like that as a joke...but, I actually ran into her with some people....and she was a muppet in real life...which BLEW my mind!! Or she just deemed us beneath notice...THAT'S another neat, new trick for today's female generation...ha ha.. my pedestal!! Hee hee...don't ya love it!!

    Couch :-D
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    In case you make it back here:

    If you type webos20090606 into the phone the dev mod enabler will pop up.
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    <<Thread Moved>>

    This is the place to ask for help with webOS QI:
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    I am sure that many people have had the brain fart before... Including me.

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    I've made this same mistake before haha.

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