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    I am trying to install the quickinstall v2.03 on a Mac running 10.5.8 and when I launch quickinstall it asks to download webosdoctor but nothing happens. I grabbed the version from Palm's web site for Sprint but it doesn't seem to be compatible.

    Is there a way to manually download and install the webosdoctor?

    thanks in advance for any help!!

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    I figured out the problem. My mac will only be able to run up to java 1.5 and the newest verion of quick install requires 1.6.

    What version can I use that is the last version compatible with java 1.5?


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    I have the same mac config as you and quickinstall work fine for me.
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    not sure why you can't install java se6 i'm running it.
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    I guess I should have added that so far, Apple has only release java 1.6 for the Intel cpu's but not the PBG4. It's the same update but updates the Intel to 1.6 and the G4 to 1.5 something...
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    If anyone knows of a way to update the java on the PBG4 to 1.6 I'm all ears!
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    Oh, got'cha

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