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    I hadn't used my WebOSQI for a while, so when I updated to 3.14 I'm having a problem with the repository being recognized. When I click the blue arrow, nothing happens.

    "Device Management" works; "Themer" works; "Tweaks" works. but when I try the blue arrow, nothing.

    I'm trying to get Preware reinstalled - and none of my searches on these forums have turned up this problem. Is anyone else having a problem with it, and if so, what's the solution.

    I have also removed and reinstalled NOVA, WebOSQI, and WebOS Doctor.
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    any ideas, folks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisack23 View Post
    any ideas, folks?
    I see what you're talking about... since no one came with an answer to the problem,I'm trying some experiment on it right now. I hope jason can look into this for us.
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    Anyone notice that the blue arrow in webosqi is not working.
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    It's working fine for me and the 3 computers I've been able to test on. Go to the About screen and double-check you have v3.14
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    yes it does say 3.14 wonder why it's not working though. This is strange.
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    Mine is 3.14 and still not working.

    Windows 7
    Java 1.6
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    i am have the same problem. running vista. removed and reinstalled everything last night and still arrow will not work. it works on my lap top but my desk top is a no go
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    Any news on this? I still can't get the blue arrow to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisack23 View Post
    Any news on this? I still can't get the blue arrow to work.
    I don't even use that button anymore. Once I have preware on the device I'm good. I do wonder if we are the only two people experiencing this..
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    My problem was getting Preware on my phone! I have it now, but if it ever crashes again I wouldn't be able to install it.
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    Yes you can.. There is other ways of getting preware on your phone without using webosqi.
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    Is anyone else having the problem of the blue arrow not being recognized? If so, were you able to resolve it?
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    I am also having this problem. I removed all patches on my Pre prior to the OTA which I did yesterday, Sunday, 8/15/2010. I've reinstalled Nova and I am running WebOsQI 3.14. I had to download the SDK to get novacom to load. I am using a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard ver. 10.6.4. It recognizes my Pre and goes ok with the first two screens on QI, but when I click on the blue arrow to go to the repository patches, the button at the bottom of the window reads Please Wait..... and hangs there until I force quit the application. Is this a Mac thing?
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    im having the same problem. ive reinstalled webosqi 3 seperate times now and it still hasent fixed it. still no word about what the problem might be?
    i was having a problem with preware pulling up the prethemer feed also. but thanks to jason and his killer repair utillity, its atleast working perfectly for me again.

    thanks jason, you rock dude!!!!!!
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    Bump - I'm seeing more people with this issue. I'd love to be able to use QuickInstall again!

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