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    I have multiple issues, which lead me to believe I need to run the doctor, problem is I've tried twice to run it and it seems to do nothing. It basically stays at 1% for hours. Finally, I unhook the phone and nothing seems to change.

    I know there is an option on the phone to do a partial reset or full reset of the phone. My question is, how is this really any different than the doctor.

    The issues I am having are:
    1) I can't text -send or receive - from one contacts phone number. I've looked it up, supposedly Palm knows but has no fix. Only known fix is running the doctor.
    2) I have two, maybe more apps, I can update because of IPKG? errors.
    3) I try to run WebosQI and it says something about the apps out of date and it wants to update them, but it can't, so I get stuck in an endless loop. I believe this has to do with #2.
    4) I've tried multiple times to run the doctor and can't. I've tried deleting and updating and it keeps doing the same thing. So I don't think it's a version problem.
    5) I've tried the WebOS repair Utility and it doesn't seem to work.

    I have the latest version of WebOS on my Sprint phone. WebOS QI is version 3.14 and I get WebOS Doctor from that and choose SPRINT.

    How should I proceed?
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    I would go with a Full Erase/Reset.

    Via precentral article
    Full erase is like a Partial Erase but as the name implies, it deletes everything. Think of it like reformatting a hard drive. Consider doing a full erase before exchanging a Pre or selling or giving it to someone else. Again, hopefully you left Automatic Backups on. To do a last phone backup tap Launcher and then tap Backup as above.

    If possible also make one last backup all of your music, photos, and other Pre files. A simple way is to connect the Pre as a USB Drive and copy everything on the Pre to a subdirectory on your computer, maybe called "PreBackup." To set up free, automatic daily backups, see the Backup & Syncing Tips.

    To do a Full Erase, take a deep breath and do this:

    Tap Launcher
    Tap Device Info
    Scroll down and tap Reset Options

    Now tap Full Erase and then confirm. Once you are back to your regular screen you will need to go into Email and Contact and confirm accounts. You will also need to set up WiFi and Bluetooth pairing again.

    After a full erase, you will be asked to sign into your Palm profile to restore your contacts, calendar, tasks, system settings, bookmarks, and Palm applications. Information stored in online accounts like Google should be restored by the online provider. You can also sign in to your Palm profile on a new Pre and restore your data to the new phone in the same way. You will need to reinstall Homebrew Apps manually. Your phone may feel sluggish for a while as it continues to sync contacts and other info.

    You can connect your Pre as a USB drive and restore the Pre files you backed up to your computer including all of your music, photos, and other Pre files. See the instructions above.
    It is quicker and shoud fix your problems. If you still end up with the same problems than visit the doctor. I remember reading in another fourm (can't find it) but someone either had an out dated file or just a doctor that wouldn't work and all it would do was go to 1 percent. Uninstall doctor and reinstall maybe using this link
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    Guess I'll be doing a reset this morning. I tried once again to get the doctor via the link above, but even that errors out on me. This is getting frustrating. I hope backup utility works well....
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    Well I called Sprint about the reset and mentioned that the speaker phone sounded blown. They said they are sending me a new it this morning. I'm starting to loose count, I think this is #5 or 6 for me and looks like my warranty is up towards the end of the month.
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    I had similar issues with the doctor before so I deleted it off my computer and redownloaded it and that worked for me. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by spudland View Post
    I had similar issues with the doctor before so I deleted it off my computer and redownloaded it and that worked for me. Good luck!
    I deleted it re-installed it, tried saving and running it from another location and nothing.

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