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  • Easy SSH setup for wireless WOSQI and Repair Utility

    77 31.30%
  • Internalz 1.1 with "Master Mode" and other enhancements

    61 24.80%
  • Dropbox app

    63 25.61%
  • ComicShelf, comic book reader

    25 10.16%
  • WebOS Theme Builder update with ipk export option and OTA update compatible

    27 10.98%
  • Local backup desktop program

    91 36.99%
  • WebOS ROM Cooker, kinda like a cross-platform Meta-Doctor with a GUI

    31 12.60%
  • Other. Please explain in a post

    16 6.50%
  • None. Work on each project equally and don't worry about slowed release dates

    15 6.10%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    come on peeeps we need a true back up app locally on our computers that we can adjust with our computers just like the palm desktop app was for the treo's .!!!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    i'm down for the comicshelf, dropbox, and backup program
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    Something I think you should do, before I say it I hope people understand I realize that it is probably not possible however worth mentioning, A lock mode that allows only certain apps to be used, my specific example is for someone to film my hockey games with my phone but I dont want them using anything but the camera, just my suggestion
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