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  • Easy SSH setup for wireless WOSQI and Repair Utility

    77 31.30%
  • Internalz 1.1 with "Master Mode" and other enhancements

    61 24.80%
  • Dropbox app

    63 25.61%
  • ComicShelf, comic book reader

    25 10.16%
  • WebOS Theme Builder update with ipk export option and OTA update compatible

    27 10.98%
  • Local backup desktop program

    91 36.99%
  • WebOS ROM Cooker, kinda like a cross-platform Meta-Doctor with a GUI

    31 12.60%
  • Other. Please explain in a post

    16 6.50%
  • None. Work on each project equally and don't worry about slowed release dates

    15 6.10%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    sorry, I think it's internalz, not internals.
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    Jason. Kudos for all you do. I hope you become very wealthy from all the home brewing you've done.

    Assuming money isn't a part of the equation, here is my view:

    Palm owes you a major debt because they have shipped webOS with many features missing relative to what PalmOS had - as well as many older phones...

    The most useful stuff you've created for my purposes have been the things that add some of the "base line" functionality to the phone. As much as I like my Pre+, it would be a step back from my Centro and Treo if it weren't for your stuff. I would like to see you continue to fill in the gaps to make the Pre+ on par with what we had with PalmOS. Granularity of settings (like volume) rather than one-size-fits-all. Same with calendar (edit a series of repeat appointments all at once), etc etc. And I hope Palm writes you a huge check to do it. If possible, write an entirely new suite of calendar app, contacts, etc. like 3rd party devs did for PalmOS. I don't know if it's possible with webOS, but if it is... I think you can make good money just filling in the missing features that Palm seems to have forgotten to be important to PDA users.

    The other 2 things I wish for are a Checkpoint compatible VPN client, and a way to install Preware over the air (because I want to go to every Verizon store and overclock their display without a PC, cable, etc... they might notice that...)

    As far as making money, you should figure out how to get webOS to run on the MotoDroid hardware so those that whine about Palm hardware have a choice. I like my Pre+, but those that crave a big slab or horizontal keyboard would increase Palm's customer base if they had a wider variety of hardware (not better, just variety).

    And you should build clients to stream Netflix, Hulu, and Slingbox to the Pre.

    I don't know if any of that is possible or within your wheelhouse, but it is, I'll buy one of everything you develop in those categories. We want all the iPhone devs to race over here to figure out how you became a millionaire by the time you are out of college...
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    I voted "other"

    Reason ?

    You should focus on getting hired by Palm, So the masses can enjoy these awesome tweaks You have brought us ! Imagine, If a company sold a phone that you could take home and customize the way you want with their software. Different patches, themes etc. I know we have that now pretty much, but its not Palm supported. Meaning that average consumers don't know about these goodies.

    People love to make things unique and their own.

    I also 2nd making WebOS work on other devices...
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    Ps, I wish these polls would let us change our vote, because I also meant to vote for easy SSH for wireless WOSQI.... not even sure what some of those choices mean... but that one I could use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    I think that you could make real money off of a backup program so I say that is #1. Do something to put some cash in your pocket. Have a true commercial paid success in your resume.
    I voted for the wireless WOSQI... then I read this and thought it was an excellent point. Too bad I can't revote.
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    First of all, I would like to take the time to thank you for all that you do, and tell you not to ever feel like you need to apologize if you don't get to things as quickly as you'd like to. We will all gladly take anything you have to offer, whenever you can. If you ever get some spare time though, the one patch that I would love would be a "dismiss with text" when a call comes in. There are many times when I can't speak with someone, but would like to just quickly let them know when I will get back to them. I don't know if this is even possible on the Pre, but I would love to have that feature again. Thanks again, for all you do.
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    Wireless, and backup..

    Also work on some catalog apps to make some cash...

    3. A proper local back-up software would be really nice, and you should make some cash.

    2. Wireless is huge, because of all the touchstone users. (i don't have a touchstone, but have 2 battery chargers, and 5 extra batteries, so i only plug my phone in to use your software.)

    1.Make a app that will move alot of units so you can highly deserved cash from palm through the hot apps program. Maybe you should focus on this first, since this will end soon... You would easily get to the 1000 dollar one, since i'm sure alot of precentral users would download it no matter what, and review it 5 stars. With 5 stars and alot of downloads, alot of regular pre users would download it to. Depending on the the app you could fairly easily get the 10 000 one to.
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    Sync that works as well as Hotsync on older Palms. Syncing through Google is not reliable. Missing Sync, CompanionLink, Chapura, EverNote, GsyncIt, and Google Calendar Sync -- none of them measure up.
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    I voted for WebOSQI, you said you are going to make it a wireless thing, that would be awesome!

    That was your first, so spend the most there. Considering that Palm will be coming out with a new update shortly.

    Then Internalz, since that is allowing us to do 'File Management' and there is no other file manger available just yet.

    And my 'Other' was to enhance 'Preset Reset', to include some other settings, like I just wrote in a post in that thread. I wanted to turn on WiFi after a reboot if it's wasn't already on. (Read my post there as to the reasons).

    But I'm sure besides my personal request for a feature addition to Preset Reset, I am sure there are other settings that could be included during a 'reset' function.

    Maybe a 'defrag' a 'disk check' etc...

    But your first, should get the most!

    Robert L
    Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
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    Guys, you can easily do 'dropbox' using Xorg Tools now! Although the developer dropped out of supporting it and wanted to hand it off to someone who knows what to do to it (Jason that could be you)!

    So since dropbox is already available in an easy to setup fashion using Xorg Tools, devote time in doing other stuff.

    Oh yes, Xorg Tools, can sync you phone to your PC as well, there are a lot of features all of you are asking Jason to do now, that his time can be put elsewhere.

    And I would push him to take over Xorg Tools and the developer wanted and use the code to make it more WYSIWYG. (WebOS friendly and not need to use Terminal to access it).

    Robert L
    Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
    - Palm Pre (Sprint) - formally Palm Treo 650
    Sprint Configuration 2.3
    Model: P100EWW
    Hardware Version: A
    Firmware: CC1.4(510)

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    BTW, Jason, I will buy any app you get in the catalog, in any category, even if I don't need it...just 'cause it's you! =)
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    I think you should at least consider and complete something that benefits yourself. As I'm sure whatever you concentrate on will be well received by everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amateurhack View Post


    My suggestion to you is going to be from a purely "good business" perspective, and what I feel will be the biggest help to you for completing all the projects you are interested in doing.

    Before I even read your post, I voted for the dropbox app. Honestly, I'm very interested in about half of the apps on your list, and I'm sure you know that I am most interested in "other - a document editing suite" but that is not what is going to help you, right?

    Simply put, the dropbox app is the one app that stands the best chance of making it into the app catalog, and therefore is the one that will give you the best exposure and the one that will stand the best chance of being a revenue generator for you. It would be an instant hit simply because your name is associated with it.

    You need to do this so that you can take some economic pressure off, and then you can reevaluate what else you want to work on. Honestly, it seems to me that you have gotten yourself spread thin, and it might be time to seriously consider trying to partner up with some other individuals to get some of the bigger projects done. Of course, if you can make those a profitable enterprise, then that's even better.

    I guess what I'm getiing at is that it might be time to make Canuck Software a growing commercial enterprise, rather than a hobby that pays.

    These are lessons I had to learn in my own life. It's easier to be a musician when your kids are fed and your bills are paid! =)

    I second this. You've done great work for this platform, and I think you're passionate enough about development and WebOS that you need to start making some money at it. So I'm also voting for the dropbox app since it's most likely to make you some money...

    ...and the comic book reader, since I'm a big comic book geek.

    Best wishes to you in whatever you choose to pursue.
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    Wireless app installation would be wonderful. That's where my vote went.
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    I was secretly hoping for a whatsapp alike kinda application that allow palm pre users to sms for free as well as connects them to the iphone and BB users. I wished whatsapp could approach you to write a webos version of whatsapp. It will be cool!
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    This might be lame to some...but I have spent too many hours searching these forums and articles and the web (whilst my 3 kids are screaming for my attention) trying to find out if the Pre has an app like my Treo's minitones....if there is...where is it? and if not, why hasn't anyone made one yet? Thanks for your time...
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    I vote for Jason making some money and putting out paid apps. I'd love to see his stuff finally in Palm's App Catalog!

    And yes, I'd purchase duplicate stuff again.

    Robert L
    Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
    - Palm Pre (Sprint) - formally Palm Treo 650
    Sprint Configuration 2.3
    Model: P100EWW
    Hardware Version: A
    Firmware: CC1.4(510)

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    local desktop backup or whatever is about only thing lacking on our phones right now !!!! badly
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    and you can charge for it , just make it hook up hit the button and go . none of this pick this folder on the phone and then pick this folder on the computer crap . just a simple palm desktop type app for our computers please please please !!!! and thanks for everything you do Jason !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post
    I vote for Jason making some money and putting out paid apps. I'd love to see his stuff finally in Palm's App Catalog!

    And yes, I'd purchase duplicate stuff again.

    i completely agree with this,i personaly think that u shud have ur own intersests at heart and if that means pushing out paid apps 1st then so be it,like posted above ther are so many people here on precentral that will see your name associated with an app and download it even if they do not need it because all of your work is brilliant

    all of your hard work is appreciated by all of us here at precentral and im sure i can speak for the rest of us when i say you have improved our phones up 2 another level

    ty ty ty and ty again 4 all the hardwork and time you have dedicated to the platform we all love

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