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    when a file (icon) is received through quick-install, does it need to be replaced right away or is it basically sending a copy of the file? Reason being i'd like to edit a few icons and want to receive/edit them all before sending back to the device...currently if I receive a file I always send it back before proceding or disconnecting.

    thank u.
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    It's just sending a copy of the file.
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    You could always download Jason Robitaille's internalz to find the file and just copy it to your media/internal and then email a copy to yourself. I find I prefer this method to quick install if I just want to copy of a file.
    However if you do want to send a different file back you will need to use quick install, as I don't think internalz has that capability at the moment.
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    I have downloaded the WebOS Quick Install and everything is going well with my phone being detected but when I tried installing on my Palm Pre the Package Manager Service and the Preware it doesnt show up on the Feed (all) section. I dont know what else to do honestly. Please help me out.

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