I used to use "Sumtimes" on my Treo. I'm getting tired of carrying around my Treo to use a few old apps that I use often for work. Unfortunately Sumtimes doesn't seem to work within "classic". I have searched for time calc apps and none seem to exist for webos. If you could whip something up that just adds and subracts time in hours and mins (not convert each 24 hours into 1 days) because I need to add up hundreds of hours and minutes and sometimes the end result will be 326:18 or something like that so converting each 24 hours into 1 day as that kind of info doesn't really mean anything to me. Anyways I understand if you don't have time to do this, but seeing the stuff you've done I would almost bet it would take you longer to rip a fart than write this app. I'm just tired of carrying around my treo and there doesn't seem to be any apps out there that fit my need so I'm coming to you. Thanks for you time....Great Cornholio