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    Hello everyone. Ok so here is little history, I recently downloaded and installed My Tether v1.5.1 by rajak onto my palm pre (webos v1.4.1.1). I am currently tethering on to my laptop via usb as i type. Tethering is my only form of internet onto my laptop as internet access is unavailable where i live. I just finished downloading Webos Quick Install along with novacomd. The issue that im having is when i run the quick installer i keep getting "error no device detected". Now as i said im tethering through my palm via usb cable and am already connected so im confused as to why it will not detect.
    Is it because im tethering? Has anyone ran into this problem while tethering? please help as i would like to ad homebrew apps to my phone thanks!
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    Has anyone ran into this problem? If not can somebody at least test it out for me if you have the my tether app?? tether on to your computer and see if quick install will recognize your phone.
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    Your tethering probably has nothing to do with this. I'd go over to the WebOS QI thread and look there. "Error no device detected" is a common issue that many see and is easily corrected by following Jason's advice in post #1.
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    If you're tethering over USB, it might well be your problem. Could still be the problem even if you're using wifi. Now that you've downloaded WOSQI, you shouldn't need to be connected to the internet to make a few tweaks or something. I would try untethering, then see if you can establish a connection with WOSQI. If you can, then it's the tethering. Of course, don't forget to put your Pre in developer mode.
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    thanks for the info guys, i ended up fixing the problem. i originally wanted to put the preware on my phone via wosqi so i could make some tweaks from there. what i ended up doing is updating the novacomd and rebooted my pc. from there everything was smooth sailing.
    thanks again!
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    make sure the pre have the developer mode on...

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