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    ok. any how,thanks .
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    Is there any way to search for a file on my Pre using Internals?
    +1 vote for searching. I'd like to be able to find & move the files that I download from email which get stored in the bucket folders.
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    Jason, I'm a couple days behind in thanking you and wishing you Happy Birthday, but my excuse is that yesterday was my birthday and I was a little distracted. As always, thank you for creating amazing apps and patches that enhance my use of this device that I love. I have donated in the past and will donate again on payday!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    I used Camtasia Studio with a custom glow cursor
    I am actually creating a video presentation with Camtasia Studio. How do you get the custom glow cursor you used? Is this a setting inside Camtasia or is this something you created on the side and Camtasia just records it? Any help would be appreciated because I really like the look of that glow orb.

    EDIT: Sorry this probably should have been taken to private message. My bad.
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    Great app Jason!

    Is there any chance after I pick the file when it gives me the (Info, Open, Move, Copy, and Delete) options we can get one for email. Here is my problem: I have a lot of files/subfiles and when I go to attach a file to an email it does not give me the folder structure....making me scroll thru tons of files. Is there another app or am I just SOL.

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    A fantastic program.

    How did you realize the image viewer? I have a picture with the format 2056 x 1592 that shows blurry in the webOS image viewer but sharp in the internal one.
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    Hi! Awesome work! I think it's safe to say I use Internalz more than any other software!

    Quick question..

    I don't know if anyone already suggested this...

    But is there any chance of getting the image viewer to be able to scroll through the images in the folder?
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    Quote Originally Posted by beans View Post
    +1 vote for searching. I'd like to be able to find & move the files that I download from email which get stored in the bucket folders.

    another vote for search. would make a great app even better!
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    this is a great app!
    just two suggestions: could you add sortings by creation time and modification time.
    And a better way to copy out the files sent by email attachment.
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    thanks Jason, donated just a few weeks ago but have plans to donate again soon because of your great work here.

    wondering if there is a way to automate moving docs from email to the subfolder in Classics for docs to go until we get a true document editor?
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    Hi Jason,

    I installed Internalz today to test the Translations I did (I didn't had time early because I was in vacation).

    Two things I noticed:

    • When you go to the Properties of one File the Weekday and Month is not translated
    • When you delete a file the notification of the successfull deletion is not translated (I looked into the strings I send you and it was in it).

    Do you want me to send you German Translations for Weekdays and Month?

    Everything else looks great.


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    Lets see I want to make a hidden folders album called .Pictures for all the pics I don't want people to see but I would like to be able to send them via MMS or Email. So would it be possible to have a send option in Internalz?
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    I know that my request is a little out of the ordinary or scope for what you probably intend for Internalz, but it would be a good addition. Have you considered WebDAV support? For instance create the ability to mount a WebDAV drive in the file system and copy and possibly synchronize files between them?

    Actually I may be able to do this now. I'm going to ssh into my phone and see if I webDAV support is there and attempt to mount a drive. If I can then Internalz should be able to work with the files just like any other file system.
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    Yeah, +1

    Ah, I just thought about davfs2, fuse exists on the pre so it should run...
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    A few things:

    • Internalz 1.1 will combine FileMgr into it (developer API will still be available and not change)
    • v1.1 will include an optional "Master Mode" which will remove write/delete restrictions, used at your own risk
    • The current release of mtools on the webOS is v3.9.x. The current public release of mtools is 4.x. Evidently, 4.x introduced Asian character support, thus why currently there are issues with Chinese files/folders in Internalz. I'm looking into possible solutions.
    • I assumed the javascript Date object was localized, but evidently I was wrong, lol, I'll fix that next release
    • Internalz 1.1 will also include the ability to set any folder as home.
    • A new list of v1.1 strings to be translated will be posted soon
    • v1.1 will include proper FAT32 read-only tagging support and Linux permission mapping everywhere else
    • I would like to add image exif information in a future release
    • I do have plans for file/directory search, but not for a few releases yet
    • I am interested in possible extensions of the Internalz interface, including: archive support, ftp support, samba support, etc.. All a matter of time and funding. Keep in mind all this is being done in my spare time; I need to weigh that time with future paid software releases, which is why donations do work to keep me prioritized on Internalz.
    If you've liked my software, please consider to towards future development.

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    Awesome app, Jason.

    I hope this isn't a stupid question, but is there a way to highlight multiple files and then use the 'copy' command? Also, a "cut" command would be helpful, too
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    Thanks for your work!
    It would be nice if Internalz can let us use "copy " form a opened txt file.It will be great nice fi it can edit txt file.
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    Thanks for all the hard work. V1.1 looks like it will be great. Have donated today and hope everyone else will aswell.

    One question. By removing the write/delete restrictions will we be able to edit the auto-replace dictionary within internals. I am able to copy it to a media/internals and edit and save it but at the moment I can't send it back to the original folder using only internals, will this restriction be removed?
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    I have done some searching and have not been able to come up with an answer is there an easy way to clean up old temp files with out having to reset anything I have parts from old themes i tried out 5 months ago... Thanks for the answer in advanced and thanks Jason for all your hard work...
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    Using Preware, I installed File coaster. It was success. I then in stalled FileMgr Service successfully. It said I won't see it in the launcher since it is a service.

    Now, I typed in the URL for Internalz. It downloads but doesn't install. I get an install error.

    So I tried just DLing the ipk and drop and drag using Preware. The DOS windows says successful but I don't see it after restarting several times.

    Next I tried restarting and then turning of wifi. Then repeating File Coaster and Preware methods to install.

    Anyone have a idea what is going wrong?

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