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    So I restore my pre to factory defaults using WebOSDoctor then updated it to the latest patch, I updated my java, webos, and quickinstall, but whenever i try to install an ipk file I get this,

    What do now? :[

    I deleted everything off the usb-drive using the built-in usb format tool on the phone.

    some details if its of any help:
    Windows XP Sp3 32bit
    AMD Athlon II 630
    2GB ram
    ZoneAlarm Firewall (disabled)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Roman View Post
    Try the new v3.11 release:
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    Oh I love you!! Thanks a lot! I thought I had updated it just a few minutes ago but I dunno, it worked fine when I downloaded it from that link.
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    Okay sorry for double posting but this is now the error that I am getting

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