Today I received a forums post and PM that advised me that there may be a virus impersonating WebOS Quick Install

There is a Java virus being sent out that is called web os quick install we had a pre and pixi meet up here in the coffee shop and 3 people have done a Google search and downloaded what they thought was WebOS QI and it turned out to be a virus so make sure to ONLY down load it through this forum or website... It's coming from the same people that put out the cool web search tool bar that's malware... just wanted to give you a heads up...
I have not been able to verify the details yet, but I figured it'd be best to remind people that PreCentral is the primary official source of my software. I also have a Canuck Software website, but it's really quite out of date.

Be aware that other sites that may host WOSQI (or any of my other software) is done without my oversight and those sites should be used at your own risk.

Just figured I should post an advisory. Better safe than sorry