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    This should be my 10th posting enabling me to see the files I need and FINALLY get to see everyone's signature images... Oooooooo!

    But really, I need the repair utility to fix my 1.4.0 phone because I cannot download or update apps from the app store. I truly hope this works so that I don't have to have a visit by the doctor... Blah!
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    after having installed preware, a few themes and bunches and oodles of other stuff, my pre becamed bogged down like a bloated, pregnant whale.

    After running the repair utility I can say the machine moves much more smoothly and qickly. Well, not the machine itself. like through the air or anything, but one can navigate through it's home-made buttery-smooth GUI and it's slickerand faster.

    It was a pain in that I had to go find and install WebOS Doctor while my router at home failed, my 11month baby was crying, my 34 yr old wife was crabbing and the dog was holding a turd and I had to work form home AND do homework online....

    but my tether saved my buns by allowing me to download webDR 1.4 and so did this app. it makes the phone work crisp and quick like when we first started dating early in our man to phone relationship.

    she runs much better-er, I like that.

    i'ts like reinstalling windows on your machine, only without the headache with results (also unlike windows)

    stuff that does what it's supposed to, how quaint. i LIKE THAT TOO!

    learnign and lovinng the palm pre is like going back to the wild west, we all just gotta figure it out and it makes us a helluva lot smarter because of it.
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    i really appreciate all that you do man job well dont i would hit the thanks button but i can find it . great work man the repair utility got rid of the pesky stuck themes . you rock
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    I'm having trouble seeing the link
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    I can no longer hear or talk to people on my phone. The only way I can hear someone is if I put the phone on speaker. Even then i they can't hear me. Could this have been caused by a patch?
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    awesome! cheers!
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    Hey the mirror is broken and i dont have 10 do I get this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by thecsource View Post
    I can no longer hear or talk to people on my phone. The only way I can hear someone is if I put the phone on speaker. Even then i they can't hear me. Could this have been caused by a patch?
    This typically happens or is related to the use of wired headset/headphones with the device. I'm assuming this is the case. The solution is to plug in and unplug the headset/headphones one or more times to trigger the it has been unplugged thing so that calls will route to the earpiece properly.
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    Mines been running really slow, and clicking on the utility doesn't speed it up. It takes about 2-3 seconds on scanning each single file. Any ideas?
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    Trying to run. It gets stuck on a missing file and will not restore the file and will not keep going.
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    Palm Pre is losing badly, it seems the BlackBerry boys are organized!

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    I recently updated my pre to 1.4 and installed preware and did the 800mhz patch. I installed the onscreen keyboard and 4by4 patch through quick install but read that you should uninstall it the way you installed it eg. preware and preware. So I wanted to uninstall the patches so they could all be trough preware but when I did and restarted nothing changed! I still had the 4by4 and onscreen keyboard. After using the repair utility with compatibility off the patches were removed but when I tried to install the onscreen keyboard with preware it said some of the files were already there and aborted the install!! I tried emergency patch repair and that didn't change anything either. I can't install the keyboard through quick install anymore either. Is there anyway I can fix this? I'm worried that if I do the next update sometime might mess up because I would have the patch still installed even if it isn't working. I was still able to install other patches like 4by4 and temperature tracker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    Well, I do a scan every few weeks or so, but I modify a lot of files manually during patch attempts,

    I did a quick mention of "Override Compatibility" in the first post, but I go a bit more in depth here:

    With "Override Compatibility" disabled:
    It'll scan all program files/framework files normally. If a file is patched under the WebOS-Internals standard (used by WOSQI/Preware), or if the file is backed up by a WOSQI tweak/PreThemer theme/PreCentral theme, then the backup will be scanned instead of the file itself.

    Basically no tweaks/patches/themes will be disturbed. Damaged backups will be repaired. And damaged non-tweak/patch/themed files will be restored.

    Of course when a damaged/missing file is found, you'll get a message box explaining such and even letting you compare the file on your device compared to the stock file in the webOSDoctor.

    Replacing the file is your choice. You can replace with the factory file in the webOSDoctor or just ignore it.

    With "Override Compatibility" enabled:
    Basically all patches/tweaks/themes will be removed in addition to the normal file integrity scan.

    Damaged/missing files go through the same process as mentioned above.

    In both cases, WebOS Repair Utility will not uninstall any apps, will not delete any files on your usb mode section, and will not affect any of of your contacts, calendar, etc.

    so basically running webOS repair utility in "override" will run os doctor but keep all your non preware/homebrew/patches stuff?
    if so, AWESOME!

    regardless, am donating a few bucks as a token of my appreciation for this and much more!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    Just ran it a third time and got completely different results. What gives? It reported that three files were missing. Before I clicked the restore button, I opened Terminus and looked for the files and they were already there -- why would it report the files as missing if they are already there?
    No one willing to try to answer why running webOS Repair Utility multiple times in a row is identifying different files that need to replaced, reporting files as being missing when they are in fact there, and saying files are modified when the verbose out shows that their md5sums are identical?

    Jason, can you comment on this?

    Everyone else, want to run a test and run it two or three times in a row and see if you get results similar to mine?
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    when I run on my pre It keeps hanging on
    Scanning /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/images/search-contact-well-empty-clipped.png

    any idea?

    I have tried with or without logging, and with and without override! help please!
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    hey everyone, does anyone know where I might be able to get this. I ran EPR twice and some of my patches stuck but do not show up in Preware as installed. The link on page 1 does not seem to work for me, can anyone help?? Thanks all.
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    Quick question. Do you have to have webOS doctor to run this with an updated PRE or will 1.4.0 work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by craftsman View Post
    Quick question. Do you have to have webOS doctor to run this with an updated PRE or will 1.4.0 work?
    the repair utility will only run when the correct version of the pre and doctor match, you get a message that says they don't match if you try
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    WebOS Repair Utility's webOSDoctor downloader will always have the most current webOSDoctor versions.

    Currently, the only 1.4.1/ webOSDoctor releases are:
    - Sprint Pre webOS
    - Sprint Pixi webOS
    - GSM Pre webOS 1.4.1

    The Bell, Telcel, and Verizon 1.4.1/ webOSDoctors are not released by Palm yet.

    I ran WebOS Repair Utility (Sprint Pre earlier tonight with the Sprint webOSDoctor and things went perfectly fine
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