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    As some of you guys noticed, I posted this somewhat worrying tweet on my twitter page:
    *is seriously contemplating leaving webOS for reasons I cannot disclose*
    I still cannot disclose the issue. However, some people have speculated the issue has been related to the PDK or my Mobile Hotspot patch. I wanna say flat out, that's not the case.

    What I can say is that just about an hour ago, I was able to talk to on the phone with Palm's own Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer. I hope to keep in more regular contact with them.

    While I cannot discuss the contents of the phone call, what I can say, is that I left happy. Not just happy, but ecstatic. Turns out most of the issue was actually a result of miscommunication.

    So the issue is sorted out. I will be continuing full steam with my webOS development. Better yet, the conversation gave me an increased confidence, not only in how well Ben and Dion were able to address me, but in their open embrace of supporting developers. Palm has my full confidence now, both as a consumer and a developer. The way things were handled makes me very optimistic

    Lastly, I'd like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone who supported me in both the the "Ode To Jason Robitaille" thread and the "Jason need our 'love' right now" thread, and everyone who supported me via Twitter. It was really heartwarming to hear how my work has actually meant something to people; easy to forget sometimes. You guys are a HUGE reason I love the webOS and PreCentral and have are a continuing motivation

    And a few people got a bit nasty towards Palm in the threads. To that, I'd like to say, this was a private issue and it was handled quickly and well by Palm. Furthermore, Palm may not be able to fix everything and add new features all at once, but no one can. Palm is a relatively small company compared to the competitors, try and cut them some slack. They do more for developers than most realize. This experience has been a testament to such.

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    This is truly fantastic news, and I couldn't be happier to hear this.


    to clarify, I use A LOT of your work, so I'm excited that you're sticking with webOS...

    More importantly, I'm happy to hear that things were resolved on a personal level with you, and it makes me very hopeful for the future of Palm and webOS to hear that they know how to treat the people in their community.
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    That's great to hear! You leaving WebOS development would have been quite the loss, IMHO.
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    Sounds like Palm did another good thing. Would hate to have lost you mate.
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    Awesome Jason - well handled. Just want to say that as someone in the thick of software engineering (and as a fellow Canuck) I have a great deal of respect for you as a programmer and as a person. Grace under pressure.
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    I am STOKED! This is the best news I've had all week and now I'll be able to go to work tomorrow morning and not give a s*** what my District Manager wants me to do "this time"...'cuz it's always something with him, lol! Great news, my friend. Great news, indeed!
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    This is the best news since 1.4 came out
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    They do more for developers than most realize.
    Very true. Always good to hear someone recognizing it.

    Also, thanks for everything you've done related to this community, Jason.
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    jesus, my router died last night and was busy all day until i could settle down and check the forums and was like what what what????? so glad everything is good now, you gave us a scare! your one of the staples of the homebrew!
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    Awesome, awesome, awesome to hear, Jason.

    That a miscommunication is largely to blame is a relief, but more encouraging is how Palm handled it.

    I was fearing all day that Engadget would pick up on this and publish a half resolved story and how it could hurt Palm. Thankfully they held off.
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    Awesome Jason! Those news are as good as a new 1.4.1 or 1.5 update!
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    I have 60 patches on my phone. Thats 60 things Palm has not done for webOS but YOU and other developers have done for webOS. Thanks for all your hard work and contribution.

    Good to know you'll be creating more webOS awesome.
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    Good to hear. Love a lot of your work. Thanks.
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    I am extremely happy to hear this was a misunderstanding. I trust you Jason and if you have reason to be excited by palms viewpoint, so do I! Glad it worked itselfout, now on to bigger and better things!
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    Thanks Palm for solving this issue.
    Thanks Jason for keeping us informed and for sticking in the family.
    I can start my day happy now.

    Awaiting new awesome stuff from Jason.
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    This is such a great relief!! Jason=webOS in my opinion. I'm really glad all is good again & you're staying with us. I'm also happy to hear Palm did the right thing. This is a win for all. Keep up the great work!! Thanks for all you do.
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    That's Great to Hear...

    While the original software is great, and i know palm is trying their best to improve it as soon as possible, I hope they, and you realize the difference made by devs like yourself, and especially you have changed web-os for the "hardcore" fans night and day.

    Thank you palm for quickly resolving the problem. And thank you Jason for continuing to make great software.
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    im glad to know you are staying. I was ready to quit and follow you t o your next project.
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    Quote Originally Posted by becrazy2 View Post
    This is such a great relief!! Jason=webOS in my opinion. I'm really glad all is good again & you're staying with us. I'm also happy to hear Palm did the right thing. This is a win for all. Keep up the great work!! Thanks for all you do.
    It's great that it's been sorted, but let's keep it in perspective. Jason is an important contributor, but not the only one by any means. Don't sell the others short.
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