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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    I haven't made definite decisions yet.

    Here's 3 possible scenarios I'm faced with:
    1) Continue with all projects and all planned webOS projects
    2) Release planned updates/webOS commitments and then abandon some projects, focusing on much less webOS work than right now
    3) Release planned updates/webOS commitments and then abandon the webOS as a whole.

    Chances are it'll be one of the first two.

    Can't go into the details, as it's been mentioned, NDA, but I will say it was like a slap in the face that I'm still trying to make sense of.

    Oh, and please don't take any of this to mean I don't love the webOS community here @ PreCentral. On the contrary, you guys are the reason I've stayed with the webOS. You guys are absolutely amazing and make it a joy to be here.

    EDIT: And please don't donate to influence my decision. A simple message of support in the thread makes me feel better and brightens my day.
    I'll try to be as clear as I can be.

    Without Jason's work, I would have switched to an Android device months ago.

    Jason, you make the Pre a real smartphone. You picked up the ball Palm dropped when they were forced to release the Pre as a beta device.

    They outta give you a job, as you've done more to keep people from dumping webOS for Android or Apple, than Palm itself has.

    I'm selfish, but I hope you are able to choose option "1"
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    Quote Originally Posted by olidie View Post
    Jason, hope everything is fine. Because this community wouldn't be the same without you. You are a huge part of the entire WebOS experience.
    I feel the same. Truly hope you can hang in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddK View Post
    I'll try to be as clear as I can be.

    Without Jason's work, I would have switched to an Android device months ago.

    Jason, you make the Pre a real smartphone. You picked up the ball Palm dropped when they were forced to release the Pre as a beta device.

    They outta give you a job, as you've done more to keep people from dumping webOS for Android or Apple, than Palm itself has.

    I'm selfish, but I hope you are able to choose option "1"
    I've got a Pre and an HTC Touch Diamond for work. The Diamond is having some issues (been almost two years!) and I'm now trying to decide what to use for my next phone. I really like the Pre, but I was considering going with Android if Sprint doesn't get a really good WM7 upgradeable device I can get.
    If we start losing great WebOS devs, it makes my decision a lot easier.

    For the same selfish reasons, I hope you stick around, Jason.
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    Jason, Thanks you for your past contributions. Hope the difficulties are resolved.

    Assuming that Palm are the source of the problem, it seems like a statement from Palm Developer Relations is called for to re-avow their supposed support for the developer community.
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    Jason i am a big fan of your work and the webos platform and if someone or something got you backed up against a wall there is only two things left to do,
    1) fight it out
    2) or give up
    which ever one you pick i am with you,just let us know which platform you are headed too because i am going with you like white on rice.
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    I to would like Jason to stay with webos. When I first got my pre, I was hesitant to install any homebrew apps and patches, but with Jason's easy to follow instructions, I installed my first app. Palm needs to keep this guy and all the other developers, that help make the webos platform as successful as it can be. Jason I hope you get your situation with whatever is going on resolved, and that you stay with webos. Thanks again Jason for all you have done for this community.
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    I am one of those who stood in line back in June to get a Pre the 1st day available. From that moment on I have been addicted to PreCentral and to your work. As so many others within this thread, I truly appreciate all you have done for the Palm community. Through the work of developers like you, we are able to get the best out of our Palm Pre devices. Palm (or any other company) would be fools to lose people with your talent, but that is sometimes the way it goes. Your work will be sorely missed if you do decide to leave. Still, however this works out, I wish you the best. THANKS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sudoer View Post
    Let me just add a reminder here that a lot of what Jason did was to integrate the work of many other good people. WebOsQuickInstall is a "key plank" that makes it easy for everyday users to patch their phones. Palm is making a mistake and hopefully they will loosen whatever restriction (my guess it has to do with the PDK) so that WebOS will continue to be as attractive to end users as it promised it would be.
    I totally agree with you on this, if not for webOSQI, an everyday user like myself and thousands more would have never delved into patching our pre's. I have many of your patches on my pre, thanks for all of the support that you have given us!
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    I have been using Palm pilot, then Palm a, Palm b, c, d ,e, f.. .... until palm pre.
    During this 15 years, have never used other PDA, smartphone more than 1/2 day.
    I am hardcore, addict, or whatever you call..

    But I will follow Jason to leave palm or it is Jason's leave enlighten me to make a better decision.

    Won't let Palm keep me waiting like before.
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    If all else fails and Jason has to go because Palm's being unreasonable we can always band together and set up a site called.

    and set up a web app on the site that visitors can click as they drop the palm webos device for another platform. Like a tally board. (set up similar to sprints 4g network site except in orange and white)

    Or maybe in flash like jibjab make a flash game showing customers tossing their phone out and buying android, iphone, winmo, etc.

    Maybe i'll go buy the domain name just in case. >
    And call my outsourcing contacts to keep the cost low.

    Palm ....ya listening?
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    Jason - a word of support from me as well.

    We all need support from time to time and this small community has always been the reason that palm (palm os to web os) continues to draw fans.
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    This is pretty sad. I hope everything works out for you Jason and I really do hope that you stay with WebOS. You have been extremely helpful to myself and the community since the launch of the pre and homebrew. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of actually starting the whole homebrew/patching of my device but your directions were so simple that it was hard not to. Nothing ventured nothing gained right? Without QI I prolly would have never installed all the things this community has built up and fully taking advantage of what the pre had to offer due to the simplicity. And over time my knowledge of how everything works has grown exponentially due to yourself and the precentral community. If you leave this would be a big blow to future development. You will be missed if you decide to leave but remember you have made my webos experience fun. Best wishes to your future plans if things get FUBAR.

    My thoughts on palm, sorry in advanced for the doomNgloom....Over the past month or so my faith in palm has also slowly lost its luster. Maybe it was the fact that they waited till the absolute last minute to release 1.4 and everyone getting antsy in the forum with all the things that were promised at CES. Even though 1.4 is awesome I still think there are things missing that are hindering the platform being a real contender. With this news of Jason and the speculation of what is going on the soft spot in my heart for palm has faded. I believe im on the verge of not promoting webos to my friends and others due to palms lack of strategic moves as stated by others before me. I mean come on palm get your shizzle together we are trying to help but you don't seem to want it. I myself has considered switching to Android and still might but I will wait to see what palm has lined up in the pipe. I'm praying for something awesome.

    As for now I wait patiently in the shadows biting my tongue....
    Je fais ce que je veux avec mes cheveux!!! Sprint: Pre+ 2.1
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    Jason, all your work is greatly appreciated. Please stay!
    WebOS is sooo much better due to your contibutions.
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    Jason, no matter what course of action you take - I offer my hearty thanks for the work you've done. The Pre and WebOS are far better because of efforts of developers like you. Your code in particular has been a huge help for those of us who will tinker to some degree but won't do shell access to modify the devices at a root level. You got a lot more of us in the pool

    Rod, I'd also like to thank you for your post. WebOS is far improved over stock because of what you all have done, and your statement that if we lose Jason it won't be a single point failure in the WebOS development for us is frankly comforting. I hope we don't lose talented developers like Jason, but if we have to I hope I don't lose the ability to patch and customize my phone to my liking. Your post indicates that.

    WebOS fills a significant niche in smartphones. Apple is a closed system - a good one, but isn't customer oriented - and Android is interesting, but cloud security always concerns me. Blackberry is all business and not as useful for personal life. WebOS provides nice structure, but open for development, and more interesting than BBOS, and not as fractured as Android. I hope it makes it, and WebOS developers are the reason it can push forward and become better. You developers are the real tip of the spear for a lot of it.
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    Jason, I can't say anything more than what everyone else has already said. I hope things work out for you with Webos but understand if you need to break away. Webos won't be the same without you and if you were forced to leave I can assure you my next phone would not be a Palm. We love you man!!!!
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    I support Jason. But in another way.
    Stick on the choice that is best for you. You are young and have a good quality to make people respect you.

    You will succeed in whichever you decide to dedicate. It won't be a sad to you but only to palm.

    although you have not told which OS is
    your next choice. We will find you there.
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    Thanks for all the hard work, I hope it continues. Sorry that things have been difficult, world is stressful enough currently. Can't imagine my Pre without all the work you have done. Thank you.
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    Just saw this thread. Jason, add me to the chorus of people who are grateful for all the work you've done in supporting this fledgling platform. I hope that whatever the issue is, a resolution you're happy with can be found.

    No matter what your choice moving forward: Thank You.
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    hope you find a solution that suites you best.

    in regards to palm I hope they are not following apple by closing their doors.

    Jason, good luck what ever you decide. Not sure what I have on my phone that you helped with, but your name gets tossed around here enough for me to know who you are.

    I do have one request however. Please keep us updated on which route you take. Please. You have many followers here....
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    The pressure is on Chuq and Palm.

    If they blow this situation with Jason, then it will likely end the home brew webOS movement.

    Since whatever is going on involves an NDA, It probably involves lawyers. Over zealous corporate lawyers tried to shut down a McDonnalds family restaurant in Scotland that was around long before MickyD ever existed. This was a world wide black eye for McDonalds.

    The Apple suits against HTC have all the ear marks of another fiasco for Apple.

    If Jason's situation involves over zealous lawyers, then Palm better fire them quick.

    Chuq and Palm we are watching this closely. My recommendation is cut your losses very quickly!
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