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    Let me just add a reminder here that a lot of what Jason did was to integrate the work of many other good people. WebOsQuickInstall is a "key plank" that makes it easy for everyday users to patch their phones. Palm is making a mistake and hopefully they will loosen whatever restriction (my guess it has to do with the PDK) so that WebOS will continue to be as attractive to end users as it promised it would be.
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    Hope you stick around Jason. You've helped make the Pre a much better phone. I couldn't imagine being happy with a stock Pre.

    Maybe whoever buys Palm will treat you a little better and appreciate what you've done for the webOS community.
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    Oh, say it isn't soooo!! Jason don't go!!! My PRE would be no fun without you. You have made the PRE a very fun toy that I cannot live without. I really hope this works itself out & you stay with us, forever. You have done sooooo much for the PRE & us. It won't be the same without you & I don't ever want that day to come!! Palm get your act together & keep Jason!!
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    when I started using preware I was so nervous about doing anything to my phone. The one thing that helped me learn and understand how to manipulate this device was and is,,,,,yup you guessed,jason. I kept on reading all this stuff about the phone and I keep saying 'who the hell is this jason dude,,he is one smart dude' thanks. Now I help my daughter on a daily basis with her pixie,, she says to me wow dad,,u are good with these phones. Thanks jason.
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    Jason, we all have admired your work and thank you from the heart for how your contibutions have helped enrich our mobile lives. I know things will work out for you regardless of what direction you go because you are a talented standup person. I personally want to thank you for the previously mentioned tweet about WebOS stirring something inside you. After reading it I did some soul searching myself and as a result am in the process of opening my own golf store! So thanks for stirring that something inside me and God bless you, whatever you decide to do!

    If "If's" and "But's" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas!

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    I will not threaten to leave my Pre. I love it too much. Jason would be sorely missed, but we would continue on.
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    Keep your head up Jason I'm a day 1 owner and with your help My Pre is by far the best phone I've owned. The magic that you work is the greatest it is my hope you will continue on with us.
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    If Jason leaves I swear I'll drop this Pre off this bridge...I'LL DO IT!!!!

    Seriously..."Sine Qua Non" is Latin for "without which not", it means the one thing you cannot do without, as in:

    Jason Robitaille without which not WebOs is the amazing and promising platform that it is, and my phone of choice.

    Thank you Jason for all you work, caring and nurturing this OS and our community.
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    Thanks Jason. I think I'll leave palm if you leave too.

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    Like someone said before you are webos I do not see it fit to support a company that does not treat it's dvelopers with respect. I know there are alot of developers out there that have contributed as much but you not only took it upon urself to do this on your own but not be employeed by them as many others are. So again like someone said before YOU LEAVE AND I THINK MANY WILL LEAVE WITH YOU AND SO MUCH MYSELF TOO...I really dont think palm realize that lots of us are using this phone for a hobby and that people like you make it easy for us to understand and utilize it, I mean really why do you think this product hasnt done as well as they thought it would, business people want phones that work now and they dont have time to wait around for updates or when the hell they are going to get flash, "give me a break palm", I would have gotten rid of this phone along time ago if it wasnt for jason and others like him. Palm should be thankfull and show it to you jason instead of ****ing you off. Keep your head up brother and make sure that if you do not get the respect you deserve and you decide on leaving please let us know so we can follow you OUT THE DOOR....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Kernel View Post
    I will not threaten leaving my Pre. I love it too much. Jason would be sorely missed, but we would continue on.
    Jason is a great asset to the homebrew community. I personally hope he continues to develop for webOS.

    I'm not aware of anything which will threaten the ongoing health and growth of homebrew apps and patches for webOS. webOS 1.4 brings changes and new built-in functionality (e.g. pmPostInstall and pmPreRemove installation scripts, supported by both SDK and PDK host-based installer scripts) which actually makes it easier for webOS homebrew to be installed by end users and safely removed with orange+tap (something which is not possible today for advanced homebrew packages).

    The release of the PDK brings another redundant path for installation of advanced homebrew packages (including services, plugins, patches, etc.), so even if (heaven forbid) Jason decides to withdraw WebOS Quick Install from development without changing the license to an open source one, homebrew development and distribution will continue using one of the other 3 or 4 mechanisms for host-based installation. And of course the WebOS Internals development team and Preware will continue with our plans to improve the Package Manager Service by turning it into a C-language service, making it even easier to install with any of those host-based installation methods.

    Jason also has had the foresight to release all his patches with open source licenses, which allows other developers to take up development and porting of those if (again, heaven forbid) Jason is unable to continue to develop for webOS. Kudos to Jason (and all the many other webOS patch authors) for guaranteeing the longevity of such things into the future by making them open source.

    Again, I personally hope Jason continues to develop for webOS. WebOS has a strong development community, with many excellent developers, which will continue and prosper well into the future ...

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
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    ok Jason you know you would be just as lost as we would be if you left ! so you cant leave man ! ok enough of the whining hope you stick around ttyl

    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    As much as I hate to say so, this message represents EXACTLY THE KIND OF MUTINY THAT PALM NEEDS TO SEE if they want to survive:
    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    Thanks Jason. I think I'll leave palm if you leave too.
    While I wouldn't be leaving, you don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs without at least some adverse effects!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    nah i liked the gorilla/dog devastator thing
    huh? i dunno. just seemed like a glorified dirt devil vacuum cleaner (not even a dirt devil. probably some off-brand walmart version. like a "dirt demon" or something.)


    i hope this isn't some sort of legal issue that has jason reeling backwards. if so, maybe members hooking up his donate button should help.

    jason... me and you... bromance... maybe?
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    Don't know how I'd have ever got my first patch installed without Jason's WOSQI and his newbie-friendly directions. He is a great asset to the community and will be missed if he decides its better to go than stay.
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    I you can see from my stats, I do not post much. I have been around almost from the very beginning. I have learned about smart phones, in a way I never thought possible. I have used Jason multiple patches and programs. I have read many of his posts explaining to novices like me just how to do something. It has turned me into a Palm Freak. Now, in my humble opinion, this is exactly what palm wants. Super Loyal Customers.

    I became super loyal because of this community and because of amazing help the Gurus of this site provided, of which Jason is a part of.

    I have kept my pre, and got two additional Pixis for my kids, because of the zealot that this site turned me into. People like Jason, and Webos Internals and many other developers through their efforts have that effect on CONSUMERS like me. The patches and programs that people like Jason do, keep me on board. It is just plain and simple good customer relations to have this type of thriving community.

    Let me make it clear. I am a CUSTOMER, not a developer. I buy and play with my tech toys. This community gave me something I have never experienced before now. A thriving community willing to help and support you even if you are lacking on the tech side. This is something Palm had going for it, that I have never found before. So, if Palm can't work things out with this community that in many cases support wildly what Palm is doing, than Palm will loose IMHO, an amazing Public Relations community that is Precentral and its members and developers, of which Jason has been a tremendous force, by providing amazing patches and programs.

    Palm might think it is silly for people to threaten to leave over Jason, but Palm is than living in La La Land. I am a customer and consumer, I talk with my purchases, and in Jason, from his posts and all the help he does for people like me, I have decided that this is an issue worth voting with my Dollar. Work it out, and be fair. I would expect that from whom I deal with, so I expect it in a company I spend my money at.

    Good luck Jason
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    If it weren't for Jason, Rod, all the WebOs Internals team and all the patch developers I would have left the Pre. Homebrew is what has made this phone for me and kept me with it. My introduction started with Jason and quickinstall. He made it so easy and friendly to use that I had no problem or fear of patching my phone. If all else failed I could always doctor it (which I've had to do a few times).

    Jason, you would be sorely missed if you left.
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    Palm should be hiring you, not hassling you. I hope it all works out OK for you. You've been an invaluable resource for the community.

    Thanks for all your hard work Jason. You've got a lot of fans here.
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    Jason... I have been following your work since the very start. And although I have been Palm loyal for over 10 years, I can honestly that say that without your additions to the platform, I would have abandoned this device for Android long ago. I'm not going to beg you stay.. you are a truly gifted developer and I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do. Just let us know what that happens to be.. I have feeling I won't be the only one jumping ship to follow the Captain!

    Are you listening Palm???? You're about to lose a 10+ year cheerleader!!
    And did I mention that I run an enterprise level network and have deciding authority over hundreds of phones????? Palm, you've not had a good month, and you really need to re-evaluate where your strengths are as a company... And one of them is right here... This developer and This community!
    Tina T

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    Jason, Just plain and simple, Thank you...for everything you've done and hopefully will continue to do...

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