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    Without your help on the web os it with have just been an os that had plenty of fault. I have seen it grow since last June because of all your help.

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    I would have left Palm and WebOS a long time ago if it weren't for you and people like you. Hope things get worked out for the better.
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    /me sends some love over the pond.
    Please hang in there, you're the biggest hope for people like me that miss out on a lot of stuff for "not beeing on an officially supported carrier"!
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    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    yikes. Losing Jason's ambition and contributions to this great platform would be devastating. Hope everything works out ok
    yes. losing jason would be "devastating". more "devastating" than that freaked up version of "devastator" on transformers: revenge of the fallen. ol' school green/purple devastator ftw.

    stay, jason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    simple message to @palm or @foxycar or even just a message of support in the thread makes me feel better and brightens my day.
    If I ever figure out how to tweet, I will. Thanks for everything you've done for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OmegaSupreme View Post
    yes. losing jason would be "devastating". more "devastating" than that freaked up version of "devastator" on transformers: revenge of the fallen. ol' school green/purple devastator ftw.

    stay, jason.
    nah i liked the gorilla/dog devastator thing
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    Jason, no matter what happens, you are appreciated and will always be a legend in my book!
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    jason, I cant imagine the world without your patches and applications... I only hope, that if you really must "abandond us", than only because you will continue to creating this stuff on some other level... maybe directly for palm? or Google????????? :-)

    I hope you stay... but if you will need to go, then we all will say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!!! and we will hope you will come back sometime....
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    Patches are like crack, and I am hooked! Who will be my dealer w/o my little hoser up north???
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    Maybe we should post our theories and just let "someone anonymous" guess if we are correct.

    My biggest worries are the following:

    -Palm is ****ed about us installing mobile hotspot app, the free 3d games from europe, and other things quickinstall lets us do and is going to block webOs quickinstall in the next update. (God I hope this isnt the problem...if it is, I'm gone...I swear to god I will leave webOS for the next android device I see)

    -Palm is mad about us installing the unsanctioned apps I mentioned above and is sueing Jason for the program that installs them. Again, what is Palm thinking

    -Jason got a job for a rival company and can no longer work on webOS. Good for him, he deserves anything good that comes his way.

    -The Palm people didnt give Jason a free phone, or his phone broke and they refuse to replace it. I will pitch in to buy you a new one if this is the problem.

    -The Palm people actually slapped Jason in the face. Like Ruby backhanded him for some ungodly reason. This really hurts his image, but in the end, isnt a deal breaker. How uncalled for would that be?

    -Palm is going under or being sold and the future company has different plans for webOS than Palm did. Not my ideal situation, but hopefully this one works out for us if its true.

    Anything I'm missing? Not too many good things I'm thinking right now. My best outcomes are either he got slapped in the face by ruby, or palm is being sold. Those arent exactly good news.
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    hey jason I do not know you, but I very much appreciate the work you've done to make my experience on the webos platform a great one. I hope whatever has happened can be reconciled as it would be a great loss to the webos community to lose you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piaband View Post
    Maybe we should post our theories and just let "someone anonymous" guess if we are correct.
    Let's not - the last thing he needs is trouble for breaking the NDA so he won't tell us anyways. Let's just wait and see ... and show him how much we appreciate his work!
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    Jason's work kept me in the game for this long for sure. Would have been frustrated and gone by now if it weren't for his work.
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    Jason, I love you!

    I think that someone with your talent and age, will go places in life that are going to be amazing.

    It might not have anything to do with WebOS, but this is where your amazing career took a big change in your life.

    I read someone's comment that if you are forced for whatever reason to stop working on WebOS, I'm going to ditch Palm forever!

    You are the main reason I stayed to wait until Palm is getting there act together.

    They are the ones that keep making mistakes, example: A stupid commercial with a creepy woman as their first ad. Why are they not showing off WebOS, just like Apple does with the iPhone and now the iPad, showing what it can do! That's all they had to do and should do!

    Most people (the regular guy on the street, not nerds like us) don't understand creepy women, but they do know 'cool' when they see a gadget work.

    Anyway, so I am going to write Palm and let them know that if they do something to force you out, I'm out!

    So I guess I should be looking into the new Windows 7 Mobile Devices, because Android does give out upgrades, etc. Or even an iPhone!

    Stay with us, just long enough to fix what you have out there and don't do any thing more.. At that point, you will leave everyone in a good position, until our contracts run out and we can jump onto something else. (Maybe you can tip us off to what mobile OS you would be going to, so we can follow!)




    This is what I wrote to Palm (I sent it to there feedback section for lack of a better place to send it to):

    I need to express my anger at Palm, and actually might ditch Palm forever!

    Apparently, something happened with Palm and one of the developers that is making that developer consider to leave working with WebOS forever. As an honorable person, he cannot tell us what it is due to because of a NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

    But what it has done is to discouraged him from continuing to develop for WebOS.

    This young and talented man, is the MAIN reason that Palm has not failed sooner. And if you think I am kidding about that statement, you have your head up your ***.

    If we (the Palm community) loses this person, I will ditch Palm completely forever. And there is a growing faction of people that feel the way I do and are committed to doing it in mass numbers.

    The developer's name is: Jason Robitaille of Canuck Software.

    Here is what I wrote Mr. Robitaille a moment ago:

    I didn't paste that here, since it is what I wrote above!

    UPDATE 2:

    I just sent a copy of this to the Investor Relations person! That will shake them up a bit!

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    To tell you the truth, I don't think that i would of had my pre for this long without Jason"s patch's. cause with out them the pre cant do things that my five year old phone can do, which is ridiculous. palm needs to hire Jason due to he delivers what the people wants, and with an quick turn around on it -vs- palm taking their sweet time at every thing. It is a scary thought if he leaves us with the current version on WOSQI or any other app or patch and having it not being compatible with future palm updates. But if he does leave then no one can be ****ed about it cause he did a lot for us and because of that, we should respect any decision he does make and wish him the best.
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    I agree with everyone. If it wasn't for you i would have broken my phone by now. Thank You For All You Do....
    My HTC Evo Is Great...
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    i dont know much about devs or developing when i saw jason leaving the community i had to find out if it was jason rube.. and it is. noooooo!!!!! dont goooo!!!!!
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    I got to be honest, I love what Jason has done for our phones and this community. But for what ever reason all this is happening I really think Jason needs to make this decision based on what is good for him and his life. Don't make this decision based on anger or spite. Do what you need to do Jason and I support you.
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    Don't leave us Jason!!!
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