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    Via WOSQI I installed the Custom Carrier String patch referenced in thread:

    The patch installed with no errors, but my top bar remained unchanged. I had a theme installed which had a custom top bar, including carrier string, so assumed perhaps this was overriding the patch. I uninstalled the theme, and everything about the theme was removed, but the top bar and carrier string remained themed (also, the launcher came up blank, but after full restart this prob was corrected, though still no change to the top bar). I then removed the custom carrier patch, but still the top bar and string were stuck.

    Attempting to load the standard "Palm carrier string" patch got the "2 hunks" error. Attempting to load a new theme (in hopes it would in turn overwrite whatever seemed to be stuck from the first theme) was fine with no errors, but after the restart the top bar was still the old theme. It seems that the interaction of the custom carrier patch and the first theme have really got the top bar stuck.

    Jason, or anyone else, any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'd of course love to avoid having to doctor and starting from scratch. Thank you!
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    After reinstalling the theme that had been on the phone at the time of patching, then removing it, the top bar and carrier string went back to normal. Upon trying the patch again via WOSQI it worked just fine and the carrier string is now customized.

    The best part is, when I then reinstalled the theme, the top bar color changed according to theme, but the string remained custom. Sooooo, we learned to uninstall the theme first, then go patch->theme to avoid some potential issues.

    To anyone who took the time to read the original post in hopes of helping, thank you very much! Keep up the great work Jason!

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