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    Having a little problem here. I downloaded a theme from and when I went to QuickInstall, I went to themer and tried to load a theme into my palm pre. I get a message saying "Sorry, themer is currently disabled until the new theming specification is put in place". I was kinda shocked to see that pop up. Is there anyway I can put themes into my pre since this is not working for me, or is there a way to enable the themer so that I can use it?
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    I heard v 2.96 might work (with bugs maybe) but Preware can do the job for now.
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    If you want to install from your computer, just open quick install and install it like you would normally install an app...just put the installable ipk file in the list and click install, not sure if this will cause any problems but it sure does get the theme on there, hope it helps btw you have WAY more options on they actually display all the themes that are on preware and that's where you can find the ipk files to install
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    That change was done on purpose.

    The zip themer was disabled on purpose as the spec is changing to ipk-based. WOSQI will have a brand new themer with ipk feed connections to both Prethemer and PreCentral Theme Gallery.
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    I am having problems with the themer. it has a drop down list but it is always empty and always says "loading themes feeds". there isnt a "load theme" button to just load one from the computer and I cant find a link to a previous version of webOS quick install. I just want to install a different theme besides this lame pixi default.
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    ^Same. Help!

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