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    I installed a theme w/ webosqi 3.0. I'm at 3.02 now, and I can't get the theme to revert to default. What am I doing wrong? Better yet, what do I need to do to get back to original theme before 1.4 hits? I know we can't install themes, but the "revert to default" button is not working.

    Thanks for any help in advance...or for posting an existing thread (that I can't find!) I really don't want to hard reset before 1.4 hits.
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    try uninstalling with the same quick I. That you installed!
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    Use an older version of QI to remove the theme. Someone posted it a week or so ago.
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    I had this same issue last week, but I was using preware. I ended up having to run the repair utility and there were still a few remnants left. So I reinstalled the same theme and then uninstalled it, and its back to the default now.

    I'm not sure if this helps you, but just sharing my experience
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    Thanks to all that replied. I had to go back to ver. 2.9 to get this to work...but it did. I had tried reloading w/ current QI, but not the older one. Ok, they can release 1.4 now!!!

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