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    I'm prompted in Preware to update Both

    Data in Device Menu
    Jason Robitaille


    GPS in Device Menu
    Jason Robitaille

    Each and every time I try to update or delete , I receive an error

    Error Updating : See IPKG Log

    Unrevised patch ??

    Any ideas how to proceed updating or deleting ?

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    Master Po humbly requests help from Jason Robitaille.
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    Cant get rid of these , everything else has the aupt-N ending but the two above.

    Anyone , any idea ? Jason ? help..............

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    tried deleting the directory in quick install , says deleted but still see them listed as well as on my phone...
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    Does anyone know where the patches are located in Internalz? Maybe I can delete these from there. OR the command used in CMD or Terminal to rid these non updated patches from my phone ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Thank you
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    Look @ the ipkg log and see what file it's trying to patch and the directory it's in. I believe it's bar-assistant.jsjsjs. $Download$ $the$ $webos$ $doctor$, $rename$ $it$ $to$ .$zip$ $and$ $find$ $the$ $file$($s$) $that$ $you$ $need$. $Then$ $transfer$ $them$ $to$ $your$ $pre$ $and$ $everything$ $should$ $be$ $good$. $I$ $don$'$t$ $know$ $if$ $preware$ $will$ $still$ $say$ $they$'$re$ $installed$, $but$ $it$ $will$ $uninstall$ $them$ $this$ $way$.
    If you do it this way though, any other patches on that file(s) will be erased also.
    good luck.
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