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    How about a new feature in WebOS QI that allows a drag-n-drop type tool for arranging the icons on the launcher pages? I have mine spread across 6 pages as a way to organize them based on function and use, and what a pain in the **** it is to move them all around with my finger.
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    I'm watching this in hopes that it comes to be! This would be amazingly perfect!
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    check this patch for named launcher pages, which also lets you move icons from page to page by selecting the icon and then selecting which page to move it to.
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    If only I could figure out which of my current patches is cockblocking this one. I really wish the patch install/removal would involve less doctoring and erasing or at least remove files properly instead of leaving crap behind even though the file is gone. It's like Windows always having phantom files left behind after uninstalls, but at least you can add new files there. Imagine weekly windows reinstalls everytime you you have an update. BTW this isn't a rant on Jason, Rod and the great crew who make our Pre awesome, it's more about me being grouchy hehe

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