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    I've had this app for a few months since installing PreWare and this is probably in my top 5 apps and it has been indispensable in many situations! People area always impressed when I whip it out (the LED Torch, I mean...)!

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    In fact I have only the shortcut to Flashlight and my e-book reader on my quick launce wave
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    when will the LED torch app work with the pixie because of course currently it doesn't when I tried it but the other apps are awesome
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    use this a lot
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    A great application, I installed it on my Pre, but cannot get it to work on a Pixi. Any ideas?
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    Any updates on the progress of the Pixi implementation?
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    I would like to have the brightness control saved for the next use. I. e. if I close LED torch with brightness set to 75 mA, next time I start the app, it will still be at 75 mA. Do you think this can be done, Jason?
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    Any forward progress on a pixi version?
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    Just a bump, still looking for any info on a Pixi implementation of this or any flashlight app...

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    I have Advanced Configuration for System Preferences loaded and I can't get LED Torch to load.

    I keep getting an error message.

    Any thoughts?
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    Is it supported on webOS 2.0? I can install it, but doesn't work on my Pre 2. Suspecting the sysmgr thingy is the one that actually not working, though.
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    I just had this installed on my other pre prior to getting a replacement and now it doesn't launch nor show up in the launcher...what gives?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pre315 View Post
    I just had this installed on my other pre prior to getting a replacement and now it doesn't launch nor show up in the launcher...what gives?
    I had the same issue. You need to do a Luna reboot for it to show up in your Launcher.

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    when will this app work on pixi? I can't seem to find one that works.
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    How do you activate it once you have installed it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    Yea, I announced a few days ago in a few other threads (and over twitter) I was making an updated flashlight app. PreGame contacted me only yesterday and even then he said he'd support SysToolsMgr, so I figured I'd just release what I had done. I'm on the verge of make my SysToolsMgr open source as well, but until I decide, I've given an open API for developers

    And to those wondering, both SysToolsMgr and LED Torch will be on Preware very soon
    my device - pixi+

    I downloaded the sysmanger, the ledtorch and installed both via Webos quickinstall, however, the torch does NOT light up.

    Can you please help and explain what might be wrong?

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    LED Torch, like all flashlight apps, does not work on the Pixi/Pixi Plus. Those devices use an LED that functions completely different than the Pre/PrePlus/Pre2 LEDs
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    I've been using this app since the day it hit Preware. I just have a quick question:

    Is it "normal" to have to hit the On/Off toggle a few times to get it to turn off? Once in a while, it turns off after the first tap, but that's quite rare. By "normal" I mean "known issue" of course... It's been this way on three Pres now (Sprint Pre minus).

    This isn't a Show Stopper, of course, I'm just curious.

    Thank you!

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    I've had that same issue. Not a big problem or anything, just kinda odd lol
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    I've had it as well...weird but not a big deal.
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