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    First off, this is my system:
    Vista 64
    Avira Anti Virus
    4 GB DDR2
    Core 2 Duo e8500 @ 3.17 GHz
    GTX 260

    I attempted to use WebOS Quick Install earlier today, and the install went fine, but it cannot detect the device (dev mode is enabled, and it's in Just Charge mode). I also reinstalled Novacom via the Options menu in WebOS Quick Install, and I made sure it was running by running services.msc. Finally giving up on that, I decided to install the SDk. I downloaded and installed VirtualBox, and I already have Java installed. The SDK installed fine, and I searched Google for a tutorial on how to use it, and the very first step in the tutorial I found was to open the emulator. I clicked the emulator shortcut that was created in a folder on my desktop and it made a black command prompt looking box for half a second and then it went away. I also tried to open Palm Inspector, but it said that it couldn't connect and asked if I was running the emulator. I thought possibly the emulator was still running in the background after my failed attempt to open it, so I restarted my computer, plugged in my pre, and attempted to launch the Palm Inspector, it again said that it couldn't connect and asked if I had the emulator running.

    What the hay is going on???? And I am fully aware that hay is for horses, just sayin'.

    Any help, redirection to other threads (though I have spent a considerable amount of time searching), etc, etc is much appreciated. Thanks!
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    In regards to the WebOSQuickInstall:
    FYI, the SDK and virtualbox are not needed. Make sure you have DevMode enabled (try disabling then re-enabling it). Also, when you plug in your device, choose "Just charge". Also, in WebOSQuickInstall, make sure in Options that "USB Device" is selected
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    Try this......
    Run>> Type in "Services.msc" >> Enter >>Look for PALM NOVACOM >> Right-Click and press start and then try WEBOS Qiuck Install again.
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    Can you help me installing WEBOS quick Install on a MAC
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    I GET TO THE WebOS install, and it gets all the way to 100% and nothing else happens. I have already set my pre to the developer setup. But the problem is that the webOS won't load up after and I don't know where to look for it. Please help me...I've had the pre since the day it came out and I would like some apps on my phone!!
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    ps...I have tried to install it on my dell laptop...I forgot to mention that
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    I had a problem like this. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, everything. the problem ended up being my cable. I bought a new one of ebay for 85 cents SHIPPED and everything works fine now
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    i dont have a cable though
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    i also had the same problem i put the phone in dev mode hooked it up an put it on just charge ran the webos install downloaded just fine but once it got to 100% it said the device was disconnected an i didnt touch the phone at all.. if anyone knows how i could fix this please help thanx
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    Same problem here.. Vista service pack 2..32 bit..after webos quick install my 2 computers no longer see the device????
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    did uever get it to work? i got it to work awhile ago, and got file coaster, now i wanted the keyboard and my tether but how the hell do i open the webos quick install?
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    I'm having the same problem... I run webos quickinstall, plug my pre and hit just charge and nothing. Web os does not detect any device. Need help, Please
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    im no computer how do i download Web Os quick install. is there a link? or something?

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