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    If you've been following my twitter then you're already aware of my current situation.

    Essentially my computer started giving off a burning/noxious smell yesterday and best guess has me confident it's an issue with the power supply unit. So I've ordered a new one on express shipping, but with the holidays and such, chances are it won't get here for a bit over a week.

    Obviously this puts me in a very akward situation, especially with all my code and development tools on that computer. So don't expect updates or much of anything from me in the meantime. To those who I said I'd get certain app/patch updates released this weekend, obviously that won't be happening, sorry for inconvenience.

    Best regards,
    Jason Robitaille

    --posted from my Palm Pre (thx again 2sslow)
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    Take the opportunity to get some rest, you certainly deserve it for all that you have done for webOS users all over the world. And Happy Holidays. :-)
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    Sorry to hear about the hardware issue. Hope everything gets fixed soon. Enjoy the time off and enjoy Christmas!!
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    Enjoy your break Jason and have a good Christmas. Thanks for all you do!
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    Have a great Holiday and enjoy yourself!

    Robert L
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    Happy Holidays
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    I just feel like i should say thanks if it werent for you and the other great patchers and homebrewers i would probably have left my pre but you guys have opened up my eyes as to what webos can really do
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    Happy Holidays Jason! Don't know if I am a minority here or not, but I was really happy with my stock Pre, but just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for making my Pre even better! Really looking forward to 2010 with Palm and the developers at
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    Take your time getting your rig back together. The biggest thing missing from the Android and iphone camps are jaycanuck and the rest of the interals crew. Can't say enough how great it is to have your talent and dedication here. Thank you! Thak you!
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    That's a bummer...I know how you feel and hope I never have to smell that smell again! I knew it was your power supply as soon as I read your tweet...get some rest and have a Merry Christmas!
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    enjoy your free time.. And thank you for the nice "gifts" you have been giving us through the last few months!
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    Enjoy your time off and have great Holidays! We'll still be here when you get ready to go back to work ;-)
    I ♥ my Pre.
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    Happy holidays bro! Enjoy it!
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    I thought every developer had 5 computers with various OS's.... or is that just me?
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    I guess I have a real problem with over 20 working comps in my house (1 rack mount with 8)
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    Completley unacceptable.

    (kidding - have a good holiday and hopefully thats the only issue!)
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    So that's what we're calling it nowadays? 'computer problems'?? Lol. J/K and enjoy the holidays. You've EARNED it!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by slydog43 View Post
    I guess I have a real problem with over 20 working comps in my house (1 rack mount with 8)
    ... Wow. I thought I was bad with my Media PC, Server, Netbook, Tablet, Slate, and 7 or 8 year old desktop, but 20 takes the cake.
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    For all you do for us a PreCentral, much thanks...Take a Christmas Holiday break and enjoy your family and friends. We will survive for another 7 days.

    Best regards, Allan

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