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    I don't know that you need a change

    however if canuck is a potential drawback for the canadian epithet I would recommend januck. I think generic names like "web soft" or DevOS sound silly. Although now that I think about it I kinda like devOS. Aw whada I know its four am and I'm trying to get back to sleep. Gnight all

    I'm back and without good reason
    also 49th parallel development
    49th parallel variation of some kind
    aboot-anything really.

    root aboot soft

    really need to go back to bed

    back again, why not capitalize on an already famous product of yours. Just call yourself
    quickinstall software. (+/-aboot)

    tomorrow that probably won't be amusing but with little sleep its a chukle fest.
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    How about something along the lines of
    "Canuck Development Studios"
    "Canuck Software Development"
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    you have a significant amount of goodwill built up on the current name. any benefit you gain by trying to make it more "professional" sounding will likely be outweighed by the loss of instant name recognition you have earned yourself among the many users of your utilities and apps.
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    itsucksPalmdungivenoPre Developers
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    I agree with the name change. Something more "international". Stellar work but I've never liked the named. (my opinion) but its much better than Redcoat... Or Kebec .....
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    For professionalism, I would suggest "Robitaille Software, Inc." In northeast Ohio we've got a large, well respected company and they use "Hyland Software" and it works well.

    Using your name like that won't go out of style with fashions/trends - it's a good long term solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyotast165 View Post
    i like the shortened CanuckSoft or CanaSoft
    These are the best so far.
    I was thinking about JR Canuck... but I like JR CanaSoft better.
    As another person said... the name is less important than the quality- and a good logo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helidos View Post
    How about something along the lines of
    "Canuck Development Studios"
    "Canuck Software Development"
    I would suggest not "re-inventing" your name. Stick with Canuck so your followers don't get lost in the sea of software developers. It's a catchy name and doesn't make you sound like a law firm or some anonymously generic named outfit that's gone tomorrow. Avoid any name that sounds like it limits you, like Pre or WebOS.

    I like helidos' choices above, especially Canuck Development Studios.

    Happy New Year!
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    I also would stick with the current name. Your software rocks Jason
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    what ever he does with the software name, we just need to know its its his. He's awesome, and I think its safe to say he has everyones heres' backing regardless of name. I mean how many of us bought a product called the ''pixi''? It wasn't for the name, it was because it suited our needs and that's what jasons stuff does for so many of us. Jason you rock, lets here it for quality not quantity.
    Palm prē-ist.
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    I have to agree with a previous post.

    Great White North
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    There are problems with all the suggestions with Canuck or North in them. The don't have meaning past the Americas.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    how about.......wait for it.......wait for it......

    Brighthouse Labs.........

    oh wait no that sucks

    In serious notes can a company name include "Pre" or "webOS" in the name as it has no assoication with Palm directly?
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    i am in sales and marketing, print media and advise in broadcast as well..

    Canuck Software is a name that "we" know, with out a firm number of base users of the Pre, or Pixie, I would so humbly suggest something with a slight twist, i frankly like one of the above Canuck Development Software. for a logo use a twist on the maple leaf, and the CDS use, (with permission of course) perhaps the pre and pixie images, as well. that might be a stretch, if you are developing apps for other handsets. I will see what my graphics dept can whip up.. do you have colour back ground preferance??? pm me with your request..
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    Quote Originally Posted by xForsaken View Post
    i am in sales and marketing, print media and advise in broadcast as well...
    Good lookin out!
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    Why change the name that is name legend now?? Now that name "Canuck Software" will immensely increase the value of your paid apps with a well known name

    So will that first paid app be a backup app
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    From an international (Australian) viewpoint, I had the vague impression that "Canuck" was a derisive term that people in the USA used for people in Canada.

    IMHO, ...

    If you want your market to focus on you as an individual (which your market clearly does at the moment), I would have suggested Robitaille Software, but your name is too hard to spell correctly :-)

    If you want your market to focus on an entity or group of people rather than an individual (like we do for WebOS Internals), then you want a brand that is not associated with your name, but is associated with the widest avenue of endeavour that you intend to operate within.

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
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    All donations go back into development.
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    Jason i think you need to keep it the way it is you rock and i def would pay for some of your apps...
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    I understand the arguments for a name change. At the same time it's kinda too late, as the current name immediately carries a certain amount of respect and symbolizes the excellence of your work up to now. A change of name might take some time to rebuild the same respect. Case in point: The work Yankee has carried the same type of derogatory connotation as the word Canuk yet the Yankee organization has garnered worldwide repect due to the excellence of its product. IMHO
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