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    Guys I just went through all the loop holes to get the precorder working.

    BadaBing it's working I saw my face in the video I played Yippee.

    Now how can I even rename the files or upload them to youtube or even attach them to a facebook or MMS?

    My main concern is youtube.(thats what your support to do with videos)

    So my question is. What do i do with them. I can access them via the Video's icon. but its single click and it starts to play the videos. when i go to attach it brings me to that Photo's section where is shots photoroll, messages, wallpeper and so on.

    How do i attach to youtube or rename these videos? my old HTC touch was so much simpler. any idea's how to do this with the palm pre?
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    In this regard, the Pre is limited on it's functionality. Just have to wait for a homebrew or Palm solution. Until then, just export the videos from Pre to PC, rename, and upload.

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    You can email the video right to YouTube check your account they give you a email addy to send it too. As for face book same thing but I have not been able to get it to work.
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    Pixelpipe is probably the most elegant solution.

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