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    ATTENTION ALL: WebOS Quick Install v3.0 is now available here.

    WebOS Quick Install v2.96

    This program is intended for use with WebOS applications that are in-testing, which under section 4.2 of the Palm SDK License Agreement allows for such unapproved applications to be installed on Palm devices. Applications installed with WebOS Quick Install have not be tested by Palm and are installed at your own risk.

    This program is freeware, but not opensource. Feel free to share it with other testing forums.

    I can be contacted at
    If you contact me, or post in this thread to contact me, you must also include the following information:
    - Device: are you using a Palm Pre or the emulator
    - Operating System (include 32bit or 64bit)
    - Have you followed my troubleshooting guide completely
    I will be ignore emails/posts that don't follow that format.

    Donations are appreciated as I'm just one person developing this app during my spare time.

    Enjoy! :-)

    Download Here (EDIT: removed, updated version elsewhere)

    Installation Guide

    • WebOSDoctor recovery rom
      • Do not run WebOSDoctor, or you may inadvertently erase your device to WebOS factory settings
      • If you want to download it on your own, Sprint download here, Bell download here (use either if you're just using emulator) and copy that .jar file to the same folder as WebOSQuickInstall.jar

    • Java 1.6
      • For Mac OS X, once you've installed Java 1.6, run /Application/Utilities/Java/Java Preferences. Then click and drag Jave SE 6 to top of both list, and exit the program. This will set Java 1.6 as the default version to use.

    • Novacom
      • You can manually install Novacom by going in WebOSQuickInstall and in the menu File->Options, then press the "Attempt Novacom (re)installation" button.
      • If you have issues and you're on Windows, try following these instructions.
      • For Linux, try downloading the Novacom file here.

    • DevMode enabled
      • This can be done on your device by typing "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart", opening the DeveloperMode app, and enabling the feature.

    Lastly, when you plug in the device, if you want to use WebOS Quick Install, choose the "Just Charge" option on the device.

    Running WebOS Quick Install
    • Simply double-click WebOSQuickInstall.jar and (as long as Java is installed properly) it will launch

    • Stylish easy-to-use GUI.
    • Cross-platform support (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).
    • Supports postinst and prerm scripts.
    • Tweaks panel for OS customization on a deeper level.
    • Full device theming support
    • Supports standard ipkg feeds.
    • No Linux knowledge required, no root access required.
    • Support for .ipk, .patch, and .diff files
    • Works with both USB-connected WebOS devices and the WebOS emulator.
    • Full device information section with management of user-installed applications.
    • Send and receive files to and from a WebOS device.
    • Quick-access link to the PreCentral homebrew forums.
    • Handy usage panel that explains the earlier-mentioned requirements.


    Known Issues
    - None so far

    Change Log
    v2.96 - December 7, 09
    - Added iPhone user agent spoof
    - Better handling of html in patch descriptions
    - New Ipkg Feed Viewer button icon
    - Added usage warning to EPR button
    - Improved mouse selection handling in Online Repository tab in Tweaks

    v2.95 - December 6, 09
    - Tweaks section now Pixi-compatible
    - Updated WebOSDoctor download options for current versions and Pixi and GSM Pre
    - Tweaks sections uses much-improved WebOS-Internals patching feed support
    - Online Repository now includes path author information
    - Patches now get removed from the Online Repository list after they're applied
    - Support for future webOS versions
    - Updated default ipkg feeds list
    - Added run-confirmation for postinst/prerm scripts
    - Much improved connection handling, providing better stability overall
    - Improved Device Management section with support for for Pixi
    - Many other various bugfixes and speed increases

    v2.9 - November 15, 09
    - WebOS 1.3.1 compatible
    - Added support for patch metadata (like generated by Unified Diff Creator)
    - Reports errors when remounting the root partition
    - Added support for webOS version checking for Tweaks Online Repo tab
    - Fixed theme removal with themes that include patches
    - Added EPR button
    - Various minor fixes/optimizations

    v2.82 - October 14, 09
    - iPhone User Agent Spoof uses its own backup method
    - Fixed control reading error with some ipks
    - Fixed issue certain users were have reinstalling certain program

    v2.81 - October 13, 09
    - Fixed issue preventing diffstat and GNU patch installation
    - Various minor bugs fixed

    v2.8 - October 13, 09
    - remove need of package manager for tweaking
    - uses new webos-patches online repo url
    - now has smaller improved auto-correction dictionaries for faster loading
    - fixed browser multi-mod
    - fixed launcher opacity mod
    - fixed issue with installing .patch files directly that could cause serious issues
    - updated iPhone user agent spoof mod for 1.2.1
    - fixed Ipkg Viewer issue preventing switching to other feeds
    - updated webosdoctor download urls
    - added "luna restart" button so you can apply as many tweaks as you want then choose when to restart the interface
    - added new Linux Commandline section for direct Linux access

    v2.72 - October 4, 09
    - Fixed an issue that in certain circumstances deeply affected theming

    v2.71 - October 4, 09
    - Added Package Manager to Tweak requirements

    v2.7 - October 4, 09
    - Added reset flag support
    - Updated Sprint/Bell WebOSDoctor URLs
    - Added Patch integration into Device Management
    - Fixed issue where uninstalled apps would still appear in Device Management
    - Redesigned Tweaks into a tabbed interface
    - Completely reimplemented virtual keyboard config support
    - Added patch repository support to Tweaks
    - Completely redid the internal patcher coding
    - Patch format now compatible with Preware
    - Greatly improved Ipkg Feed app info window
    - Fixed bug affecting custom ipkg feeds
    - Added PreYourMind and Canuck Software feeds
    - Updated theming to support new patch-compatible format
    - Added support for .patch and .diff files in the main screen

    Special thanks to everyone who's helped contribute to the cause: those who donate, those who help test, those who help teach me new things, and those who help out with new users. This app wouldn't be what it is without you guys
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    Installation and Usage Guide
    Special thanks to MortiseMaker for making this straightforward guide on setting up and using WebOS Quick Install.

    Quote Originally Posted by MortiseMaker
    The document consists of a large number of screenshots - both of the PC and of the Pre. It kind of assumes the audience is new to all this stuff and does not get into computers to the level of some of us on here have achieved.
    The 45-page guide is here: Installing and Getting Started with WebOS Quick Install.

    The simple quick start guide is here: Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes.
    Last edited by milominderbinder; 11/15/2009 at 02:52 PM. Reason: Add link to updated materials, Getting Started, and remove out of date pdf links. - Craig
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    Troubleshooting Guide

    My browser downloaded the file as or
    This seems to be an issue for some people on some browsers. Try renaming manually to ".jar" extension.

    I've unzipped the file, what do I do next?
    Nothing! Don not, I repeat, DO NOT, unzip/unrar the .jar file. The nature of a JAR file is that it is both an archive and an executable program. We only wanna use the executable program aspect.

    How do I run the program?
    • Double-clicking on the .jar should work. If it doesn't, reinstall Java 1.6.

    Mac OS X:
    • According to this document, OS X 10.5 Update 1 is when Macs got Java SE 6 (aka Java 1.6). This is required for WebOS Quick Install to run correctly.
    • For some MacOS versions that don't support the above release of Java 1.6, you want to try SoyLatte.
    • Also, run /Application/Utilities/Java/Java Preferences. Then click and drag Jave SE 6 to top of both list, and exit the program. This will set Java 1.6 as the default version to use and should have no ill side effects.

    • To install the current version of Java, enter the following in terminal:
      sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre
    • To run the .jar, right click, choose "Open with" and select "Sun Java X.X runtime"

    For more info, see How to Run a .Jar Java File: 11 steps - wikiHow

    I already WebOSDoctor downloaded. Do I have to download it again?
    Nope, you can just move your existing copy to the same folder as WebOS Quick Install and the program will run.

    I'm seeing this screen. What do I do next?
    Nothing, close that window! That's WebOSDoctor. You don't want to run that unless you want to reset your Pre to factory WebOS settings (and wiping all your data).

    In WebOS Quick Install, clicking menu Tools->Device Management does absolutely nothing
    This means WebOS Quick Install is unable to access the WebOSDoctor.jar file. Possibly corrupted jar file. You'll want to delete the WebOSDoctor.jar file then redownload from this link in post #1. Put that downloaded file in the same folder as WebOS Quick Install.

    I'm getting "ERROR: No device found."
    Common error. Two main reasons this could occur:
    1. Mis-matched your choice of device. In WebOS Quick Install, click menu File->Options. If your target is the WebOS emulator on your computer, choose "Emulator"; if your target is a real device, like a Palm Pre, choose "USB Device".
    2. Your device and/or computer are not configured correctly. WebOS Quick Install depends on both your device being ready for the connection as well as your computer being ready for the connection.
      • Novacom needs to be installed on your computer. In WebOS Quick Install, click menu File->Options. Click the "Attempt Novacom (re)installation" button.
        • Alternatively, Windows users can manually install Novacom via this method.
        • Linux users can download Novacom here. Read this guide if your Linux distribution doesn't use Debian files.
        • A computer restart is highly recommended.
        • Windows users can verify Novacom is running by going StartMenu->Run...->"services.msc" and looking for a "Palm Novacom" entry and making sure it's started.
      • Bad connection
        • It's recommended to plug in your device into a main USB port that outputs power
        • Some people have reported devices, like Canon printers, interfering with a Novacom-based connection
        • It's highly recommended to use an OEM USB cable, as some eBay ones have been reported to prevent a Novacom-based connection
      • WebOS device needs to have DevMode.
        • This can be done by typing "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart", opening the DeveloperMode app, and enabling the feature. Don't worry, the reset won't wipe any data.
        • Some circumstances can cause the the toggle to show as enabled even when its disabled. To solve this problem, disable it then re-enable it.
        • Some people report OTA updates reset DevMode. Keep that in mind when updating.
      • When you plugin your device, choose "Just Charge"
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    Tweaks Guide

    WebOS Quick Install v2.7 features a completely re-organized and re-coded Tweaks section. Tweaks, like always, can be installed by clicking the checkmarks, and uninstalled the same way.

    In addition, the patches are now linked to the Device Management section, just change the drop-down box from "Applications" to "Patches" and you'll be able to get info and uninstall patches in bulk.

    All tweaks are compatible and interoperable between WebOS Quick Install and Preware.

    A reminder, it's always best to uninstall all tweaks/patches before an OTA update.

    A full list of each tweak in v2.7 can be found in the attached pdf
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Woot! Finally! Boy you didn't sleep did ya?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niris777 View Post
    Woot! Finally! Boy you didn't sleep did ya?
    Nope, not yet, lol
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    Thank you for all your work, Jason -- it is greatly appreciated!
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    aww, darn! doesn't matter! I'll still be here no matter when it goes up! Thanks for all your hard work Jason you rock!
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    You know I haven't slept ....
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    thanks man ,now I can have my squarify back yay !!!!!! Sleep well for the next week or so.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Just want to put my real thanks in before this is 200 pages long.

    Jason, you're the man!

    There are folks that are perfectly happy doing everything with SSH and a root terminal, but there are a whole lot more who wouldn't know a bash script if it bashed them on the head, and WOSQI is the one thing that makes it possible for anybody to get this stuff going, whether they're linux savvy or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drewp View Post
    You know I haven't slept ....
    Sleep? Who needs sleep?! lol
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    Uhm.. Where is the link to actually download it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Predator-1 View Post
    Looks like Jason is working on instructional posts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matcat View Post
    Uhm.. Where is the link to actually download it?
    He said not yet!!
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    We may be missin something in post # 3: Double-clicking on the .jar should work. If it doesn't, reinstall Java 1.6. You must have Java 1.6 to run WOSQI 2.7 and beyond. So if you do not have it on your system get it now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niris777 View Post
    He said not yet!!
    am i missing something or has it not posted yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by joetemp75 View Post
    am i missing something or has it not posted yet
    When the placeholder 1 is replaced, there will be a download. It has not been released yet, but is being prepped to. So I'd say thats a good sign it'll be very soon.
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    Yea, work in progress. I'm too tired at this point to jump through hoops getting everything posted at once, heh. Almost done
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