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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    Please tell me what folder you were in when that error occured
    I never got to a folder, i just opened internalz from the launcher and it panicked
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    DITTO, same here, error message displayed upon launch
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    Quote Originally Posted by azkevman View Post
    I have installed both files as instructed in the OP using WebOS Quick install, however everytime I try to run Internalz it givesme the error saying filemgr is not running. I have uninstalled and reinstalled....reset...closed and reopend....nothing changes.

    Any suggestions?
    I realized I was using the wrong version of QuickInstall....updated and reinstalled the two .ipk's I am in business.

    Now all I need is a way to view .htm local files...

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    lucky. haha.. still no dice here.
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    Donation complete.. this is one of the key applications needed for the Pre.. I am SO looking forward to the application maturing into what it can be.. so far so good ! !
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    This Rocks. I took my Pre to Sprint and the techs went through my videos, they didn't "rewind" them after watching.
    I now have a .video folder on the drive and the videos are click-able and opens, sweet!
    Now if the photos would open..
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    At first, I wasn't having any luck... until I realized that I wasn't using the latest version of WebOsQuickInstall. These apps need an auto-update feature!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bpdamas View Post
    Here is a very helpful link when trying to install internalz. If definitely made a difference and was easy to following. Here it is.
    Now im getting a java error? Cant get it to work. If you find out why would ya help me out again...i doooo appreciate it. I saw this happening to a few others, but nothing up to fix it yet.
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    I'm not 100% sure why you guys are getting NullPointerExceptions, but I'll look into it and hopefully will have a fix soon

    EDIT: I hope to have a new build out in a few hours
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    Thanks for the app, been waiting for something likw this for a while. Can you add the feature to create and delete folders please.

    Thanks again
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    lookin forward to new build hopefully will fix it for me!! thanks!
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    Worked for me yesterday tried it tonight and I have the NullPointerException ):
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    nice job Very happy to have a file manager, and it seems to work pretty well already
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    Update, having an issue with an update I want to include with the next beta, no ETA at the moment
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    Thanks much for your great work on this and Quick Install! Very much worthy of donations! This might not make much sense to a lot of other folks, but it seems to me like it would be a powerful addition to one of these apps to have an ability to organize things on the pre from a usb-connected laptop. Primarily layout of apps on launcher pages, i'm thinking. Since Quick Install can display all installed apps, I thought maybe such a function wouldn't be too far away.
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    One stinking word...AWESOME!
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    Not totally sure I made myself clear.

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    Just tried it again thru v2.01 as i have ten times before(no problem there), but now my Pre wont do all. It's not working, stuck, dead, not sure. Little worried. Please help...Holley2583

    Got it to connect again to Web OS and uninstalled both filemgr and internalz, but the phone is still not working. Gonna go out and leave it alone. Hopefully it will fix itself. I'll let ya know....

    OK, got it going again. Yeah, the WebOS is awesome, but i can't help but feel left out on the Internalz fun. Patiently waiting Jason...thanx for all your most needed and appreciated work!!!

    I know you are up to your armpits, any possibility of another huge tweak, on screen keyboard???
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    both installed fine for me.but man my phone is so laggy now.i cant even keep a connection in putty.might just web doctor the whole thing.
    other then that it's nice to have a file manager being worked on,thanks
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    ok, so whats the worst that can happen if i forget to uninstall the filemanager service before i install a WebOS update. Also i, what is the most likely thing that would happen? thanks to anyone who answers.
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